Prelude for a Champion: A TI Primer – Digital Chaos

Chaos in Seattle? NA Qualifier runner-up Digital Chaos looking to fit pieces together at TI7


With this year’s iteration of The International fast approaching, it seems appropriate to offer fans both new and old a breakdown of who it is they’re going to be watching in Seattle. This series of posts will each be dedicated to one of the 18 teams that will be participating in The International 2017, with the aim of giving readers a brief overview of the teams, their position coming into TI, and what their expectations might be. Please note that these posts will not contain a comprehensive history of the teams, nor will they go into minute detail for each of the players. There are more thorough breakdowns for teams and players available out there, a la SirActionSlacks’ “TI Down Low” series. These posts aim to provide something more akin to an “in a nutshell” level of information. Today we will cover our final team from the North American region and the runner up of the TI7 North American Qualifier – Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos is another team that began the year playing under a different name, having played as Team Onyx up until April when the squad was signed by the Digital Chaos organization. If you thought that changing organizations would make Digital Chaos immune to the infection that is late-season roster changes then think again. In May the team announced that they would be adding South Korean offlaner “Forev” to the squad to complete its lineup for TI7.

Digital Chaos has a little bit of everything all thrown together in its roster. It has veteran North American players, skilled and experienced SEA talent, and a young man who goes by the moniker “Abed”. Abed is one of the most interesting players at TI this year, having exploded onto the scene after a hot start in the SEA region. Abed has already achieved a degree of fame in the Dota 2 world, having been the first player to ever reach 10,000 MMR, the skill rating metric used for Dota 2 matchmaking. Abed has come a long way in just around two years in the professional Dota scene, which is made all the more impressive by the fact that he is just 16 years old. With such a young talent on the roster, Digital Chaos have a chance to turn heads in Seattle.

Digital Chaos may have high hopes for success at TI7, but its expectations may not be as optimistic. The team’s roster has brought in successes within its local region, but the results outside of the North American region are a bit lacking. Digital Chaos is going to need a solid performance to shake off the label of a “big fish in a small pond”.  The talent and experience are both there for Digital Chaos to make a run at TI, but it’s all going to come down whether the team can put it all together and remain consistent under pressure.

Digital Chaos’ recent results have not reflected this necessary consistency. The team has put together solid performances in North America, but the results when put up against international teams is decidedly less impressive. The team placed 2nd at the Dota Summit 7 North American Qualifier, only losing out to Team NP after a 2-3 grand final series. Digital Chaos also placed 2nd at the TI7 North American Qualifiers, earning its place at TI in the process. The squad posted a 5-4 group stage record that resulted in a 3 way tie for the last two playoff spots. A 2-1 tiebreak record put DC over the hump and into the playoffs, where the team beat Planet Odd, but lost to Team Freedom to fall to lower bracket. In that lower bracket, Digital Chaos managed to defeat Complexity to force a grand finals rematch against Team Freedom that  it won 3-0. Internationally, the results for Digital Chaos are not as impressive, with the squad posting 5th/6th place finishes at both Zotac Cup Masters and Dota Summit 7. These weaker performances raise some questions for the squad coming into Seattle, but the team has shown that it has the talent on the roster to compete.

Digital Chaos come into TI7 as a team with talent, experience, and confidence, even if its recent track record might suggest otherwise. The team has a good mix of regional talent, veteran experience, and young stars, but needs to find that spark that brings it all together into a unified force. If the team can find that spark, then it stands as a serious threat to any team in the field at TI. However, if Digital Chaos can’t find a way to reach that necessary level of play, then its performance in Seattle will certainly reflect the “chaos” part of the team’s name.


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