No Tidehunter: Team Leviathan disbands

Tweets from multiple team members announce disbanding of North American squad Team Leviathan

North American organization Team Leviathan hopped onto the roster change train of 2018 with an apparent disbanding of the team. Tweets from team captain Brian “BananaSlamJamma” Canavan and midlaner Ylli “garter” Ramadani state that the team will no longer be playing together in 2018. While the organization itself has not made any official announcement, the players’ tweets and the team’s withdrawal from upcoming regional qualifiers would imply that the disband is legitimate.

For Team Leviathan, the season has been one of frequent change and struggles within the North American region. In October, the team kicked midlaner Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson to add garter, and followed that change up in November by replacing Scott “Slayer” Palmer with Bryant “whiteBeard” Lehwald. Those roster changes didn’t appear to make enough of a difference for the squad, as Team Leviathan failed to finish any higher than third in Pro Circuit qualifiers to this point in the season. Outside of the Pro Circuit, the team was able to find some limited success, claiming first place finishes in the North and South American tournaments Blood in the Streets Americas and the Americas division of the joinDOTA League Season 11.

For Team Leviathan, the future is uncertain, as the team has not made any announcements regarding its future in professional Dota 2. The team could look to assemble a new roster to continue competing for the rest of the season, as there are a number of free agents available in the North American region. There exists a level of uncertainty for the teams now former players as well, who now stand as free agents following the team’s disbanding. None of the players have acquired any Qualifying Points on the Pro Circuit this season, but there are a few teams in the North American region that could be looking to pick up a new player.

The former roster of Team Leviathan:

  • Brian “BananaSlamJamma” Canavan (Carry)(Captain)
  • Ylli “garter Ramadani (Mid)
  • Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton (Offlane)
  • Jason “Newsham” Newsham (Support)
  • Bryant “whiteBeard” Lehwald (Support)

Tweets from players announcing disband: BananaSlamJamma     garter


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