Ryoya to part ways with VGJ.Storm

U.S. Midlaner leaves organization via a tweet from the team.

Just a few weeks after supposedly finalizing its roster for the 2018 stretch of the season, North American squad VGJ.Storm announced another change to its roster Wednesday. The team official stated that Eric “Ryoya” Dong would be leaving the team, with no replacement revealed as of yet.

The move is somewhat surprising for VGJ.Storm, who at the beginning of January announced the addition of Brian “BananaSlamJamma” Canavan and Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton to fill out the vacancies in its roster. The team had begun showing some improvements in its level of play within the North American region following that change, with VGJ.Storm putting together four straight Top 4 finishes in regional qualifiers and coming just one game away from earning a spot at the upcoming Bucharest Major. The organization did not give a particular reason for Ryoya’s leaving the team, so it is currently unknown if both parties are walking away under amicable circumstances. For now though, the North American squad will be in the market for a new midlaner as it attempts to retain its budding momentum in the region.

For Ryoya, the move leaves him a free agent within the North American scene. While Ryoya has spent the majority of his career in the North American region, it is not set in stone that he will remain there, as he has previously played within the European region as a member of the Danish Bears roster in 2017. Though Ryoya doesn’t have any Qualifying Points to his name this season, he could bring regional experience to an up and coming squad in North America, as well as experience on the Pro Circuit stage from his appearance with VGJ.Storm at the MDL Macau Minor in December.

The VGJ.Storm roster following the departure of Ryoya:

  • Brian “BananaSlamJamma” Canavan (Carry)
  • Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton (Offlane)
  • Francis “FrancisLee” Lee (Support)
  • Stanley “Stan King” Yang (Support)(Captain)

Official announcement from VGJ.Storm via Twitter


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