VGJ.Thunder to replace Ayo with ddc

The Chinese organization announced changes to its Chinese roster just hours after the disbanding of its North American lineup.

The roster lock period is just days away now, and as the final chance to freely alter lineups before TI8 slowly comes to an end, we’ve seen the roster shuffle bug make its way over to the Chinese region. VGJ.Thunder announced today that it would be making changes to its roster, replacing support player Fan “Ayo” Tianyou with former LGD.Forever Young member Leong “ddc” Fat-meng. The move comes as the squad is attempting to claim a stronger foothold within the Chinese region and improve its performance on the Pro Circuit stage.

Ayo’s removal from the team brings to an end a five month stint for the support player with the organization, as he joined the VGJ.Thunder roster at the beginning of September. Even with the roster lock period coming to an end, its still possible that Ayo finds himself on another roster within the next few days should an organization agree to buy his contract.

For VGJ.Thunder, the addition of ddc to the lineup should provide a veteran presence for the roster as well as a player with talent and experience on the Pro Circuit stage. The move also brings highly valued Qualifying Points to the organization as well, as ddc holds 45 points to his name from a 3rd place finish at the Perfect World Masters Minor with his former team LGD.Forever Young. Those 45 points puts VGJ.Thunder into a tie with Invictus Gaming for 17th place overall on the Pro Circuit standings, and the team is hoping that its new lineup will allow it to increase that total in the near future.

The new roster of VGJ.Thunder:

  • Liu “Sylar” Jiajun (Carry)
  • Liu “Kamma” Chang (Mid)
  • Zhou “Yang” Haiyang (Offlane)
  • Pan “Fade” Yi (Support)
  • Leong “ddc” Fat-meng (Support)

VGJ.Thunder’s announcement via Weibo (Chinese)


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