VGJ.Storm Disbands

The North American division of Chinese organization VGJ has released its roster.

The North American region has lost a potential competitor today, as VGJ.Storm announced the disbanding of i ts Dota 2 roster. Following the departure of midlaner Eric “Ryoya” Dong to join rival North American squad Immortals and amidst a busy and stressful qualifier schedule, the remaining members of the lineup agreed to part ways and leave the team.

The VGJ.Storm lineup in its various iterations had earned some modest success within the North American region, but wasn’t able to cement its place in the regional hierarchy or find results on the Pro Circuit stage. The team participated in thirteen Pro Circuit qualifiers, earning 9 Top 4 finishes including a 1st place finish in the MDL Macau North America Qualifier. That lone Pro Circuit appearance resulted in a last place finish for the team, and since then the North American squad has struggled to return to the Pro Circuit stage.

For the organization, it is unclear if VGJ will attempt to sign another North American roster at some point this season. The organization’s Chinese roster, VGJ.Thunder, will continue to play on the Pro Circuit for the foreseeable future, and its possible that VGJ may choose to focus solely on its remaining roster for the rest of the season. For the now former roster of VGJ.Storm, the disbanding of the lineup makes the four North American players free agents within the region. The roster lock period is still open, but with only a few mores days left before it closes, the former VGJ.Storm players may have to work quickly to secure a spot on a roster.

The former roster of VGJ.Storm:

  • Brian “BananaSlamJamma” Canavan (carry)
  • Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton (Offlane)
  • Francis “FrancisLee” Lee (Support)
  • Stanley “Stan King” Yang (Support) (Captain)

VGJ’s announcement via the organization’s website


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