w33 to join PENTA Sports

The European organization picks up the talented free agent in hopes of a strong run in 2018.

Eurpopean organization PENTA Sports made a bit of a splash today as Phase 1 of the roster lock period is nearing its end. A tweet from team member and captain Roman “rmN-” Paley today announced that the team would be adding Romanian midlaner Aliwi “w33” Omar to its lineup for the rest of the 2017-2018 season. In order to make space in the lineup to complete this move, the team’s previous midlaner, Leon “Nine” Kirilin, will be placed in an inactive position.

For Nine, the shift to an inactive role is not necessarily surprising, as the player has been absent from the team for some time. The team has been playing with a stand-in for Nine across its last four Pro Circuit qualifier runs, as well as the team’s lone Pro Circuit event at the ESL One Genting Minor. The shift to an inactive role rather than simply being dropped from the team is a significant move, as it could allow the player to potentially return as a registered substitute in the future.

For PENTA Sports, the addition of w33 is a boon that could have a massive impact on the team’s fortunes for the rest of the season. The Romaniand is a TI runner-up from his time with Digital Chaos, and has seen extensive action with some of the highest profile teams across the European region. His presence should give the team a new level of confidence as it looks to continue improving its standings in the European region and potentially make its way to another Pro Circuit event. The effects of the roster change may not be immediate, but the addition of such a talented and relatively high profile player is sure to draw more eyes in PENTA Sports’ direction as the season goes on.

The roster of PENTA Sports following the addition of w33:

  • Oliver “oliver” Lepko (Carry)
  • Aliwi “w33” Omar (Mid)
  • Joni “Buugi” Fält (Offlane)
  • Dino “dnz” Šavuk (Support)
  • Roman “rmN-” Paley (Support) (Captain)

Tweets from rmN-, w33, and oliver confirming the move.


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