The Storm Returns: VGJ.Storm announces new NA lineup.

The Chinese organization returns to North America with a revitalized VGJ.Storm roster.

The North American region witnessed a resurrection today, as the NA squad VGJ.Storm returned from the dead with a new roster to compete on the Pro Circuit. Following the organization’s dropping of its previous roster at the beginning of February, VGJ.Storm has ended its brief hiatus with the announcement of a new roster. That new roster is comprised of the players who had been previously competing in open qualifiers under the name “Team IDC”. VGJ.Storm picked up that roster in its entirety, acquiring previous team stand-in Yawar “YawaR” Hassannewcomers Enzo “Timado” Gianoli, Arif  “MSS” Anwar, and Avery “SVG” Silverman, and returning player Jingjun “Sneyking”  Wu.

YawaR officially joins VGJ.Storm following an extended period as a stand-in for the team in 2017, when he played alongside the NA squad for a few months in various events and regional qualifiers. While YawaR has been without a squad in an official capacity for the whole season so far, he has proven himself as someone that the organization trusts to handle the duties as the team’s position 1 carry. His previous experience with the organization and qualifier runs with his teammates as Team IDC gives both YawaR and VGJ.Storm a head start as it looks to throw itself in to the mix in North America.

Timado made quite a name for himself in the run up to TI7, becoming one of the most promising and well known players from the South American region. However, the midlaner has spent most of this season outside of his home region, having been a part of the MidOrFeed roster in Europe throughout the 2017 section of the season. Following the European squad’s disbanding, Timado returned to the South American region for a short time, playing with paiN Gaming in a few qualifier runs before most recently settling in with Team IDC. Timado’s talent and potential are apparent, and the hope for VGJ.Storm is that the organization can establish the right circumstances to facilitate the Peruvian player’s highest level of play.

Sneyking returns to VGJ.Storm for a second run with the organization this season, reclaiming the offlane position that he had previously held. Sneyking is a veteran of the North American scene, and will hopefully provide a stable and consistent anchor for the team from the offlane as the team looks to establish itself as a competitor in the region.

MSS is set to shift away from his usual offlane position in order to serve as a support player in the new VGJ.Storm lineup. MSS has spent the season moving about a decent amount so far, with VGJ.Storm being the third team he has joined at this point in the season. MSS has seen extensive experience across both North America and Europe, and provides a level of expertise on the international level that the VGJ.Storm lineup should find invaluable. While he will be playing outside of his usual position, MSS has the experience and talent needed to contribute to the roster regardless of his position, which is exactly what VGJ.Storm is hoping for from the veteran player.

SVG is set to serve as the team’s other support player, in addition to holding the position as the team’s captain moving forward. SVG spent the early months of the season away from active play, having been the coach of Evil Geniuses up until the middle of December. With his departure from that team came a departure from the coaching role, as SVG returned to an active role as a member of Team World. When the squad was picked up by an organization and became Echo International, SVG was left off the roster, freeing him up to join Team IDC in its open qualifier runs. With SVG’s knowledge and skills in the captain’s chair for VGJ.Storm, the team should be in good hands as it dives headfirst into the turbulent waters that is the North American scene.

VGJ.Storm wasn’t away from the North American scene for long, but even with its quick return the organization will find the region somewhat changed from where it was previously. The roster shuffle had its effect on several North America teams, including VGJ.Storm’s previous lineup. The new VGJ.Storm roster will have its work cut out for it as it attempts to establish a foothold in the region and work its way into Pro Circuit contention.

The new roster of VGJ.Storm:

  • Yawar “YawaR” Hassan (Carry)
  • Enzo “Timado” Gianoli (Mid)
  • Jingjun “Sneyking”  Wu (Offlane)
  • Arif  “MSS” Anwar (Support)
  • Avery “SVG” Silverman (Support) (Captain)

Team’s announcement of the new roster via its website



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