Black^ to leave Clutch Gamers

The German carry departs from the organization’s roster after a run of just under three weeks with the team.

Just when many thought that the roster shuffle period was finally over, yet another move has come down the pipeline to alter the lineup of a Dota 2 squad. The move this time comes from Clutch Gamers, an organization that has already seen more than its fair share of roster issues so far this season. After finalizing and registering its roster just over two weeks ago, the organization announced that Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier would be leaving the team. The organization cited communications issues and non-synchronizing personalities as a few of the causes for this move.

For Black^, the move brings to an end a rather short stint with the team, as well as the end of his first Pro Circuit run of the season. With the roster lock now in place, his chances of joining an already established team are significantly lower than they were before. However, there are still plenty of lower level teams fighting in Open and Closed regional qualifiers that would likely welcome his extensive experience and talent. For now we can’t be sure where Black^ will end up after this latest move, but there still appear to be options open for the German veteran.

For Clutch Gamers, the loss of Black^ forces in the organization into another round of roster instability. The lineup of Clutch Gamers has been a sort of revolving door so far this season, with a multitude of players coming and going throughout the months. The departure of Black^ will incur a penalty to the team’s potential Qualifying Points earnings, but considering its current position, that doesn’t appear to be an immediate cause for concern. The team does have a small period of time before the next round of qualifiers is likely to begin, but its possible that this latest roster shift isn’t met with a long-term solution by the time Clutch Gamers goes back into action within its region.

The roster of Clutch Gamers following the departure of Black^:

  • Anas “MagE-“ Hirzallah (Mid)
  • Kharis “SkyLark” Zafeiriou (Offlane)
  • Mohammad “AfrOmoush” Abu Al Eis (Suppor)
  • Vladimir “yol” Basov (Support) (Captain)

Link to the team’s announcement via its Facebook page


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