Team List set for GESC: Indonesia Minor

8 teams set to compete for Minor Title as Pro Circuit makes its first trip to Indonesia.

The 2018 section of the season is in full swing now, as the Pro Circuit schedule is filling up with events as teams prepares for the final push to reach TI8. The GESC: Indonesia Minor takes its place among those events, as the regional qualifiers have now been completed for the event. Organized by GESC as part of the Global Electronic Sports Championship series, the event will bring eight Pro Circuit teams to the Indonesia Convention Exhibition at BSD City in Indonesia. Running from March 15th through the 18th, the Minor represents the first Valve sanctioned Dota 2 tournament in the country, and will feature prize pools of $300,000 USD and 300 Qualifying Points to be distributed along the outline shown below.

1st: $110,000 (Total) & 150 Qualifying Points (Per Player)

2nd: $65,000 (Total) & 90 Qualifying Points (Per Player)

3rd-4th: $35,000 (Per Team) & 30 Qualifying Points (Per Player)

5th-6th: $17,500 (Per Team)

7th-8th: $10,000 (Per Team)

With TI8 fast approaching, every event begins to take on more significant meaning as teams will be scrambling to secure Qualifying Points in anticipation of invites both directly to the event as well as the regional qualifiers. The field of participants in Indonesia feature a few established power on the Pro Circuit, but the rest of the teams that will be in attendance will either be making their Pro Circuit debut or are in desperate need of Qualifying Points to create separation from regional rivals. With that in mind, we can take a brief look at the teams that will be playing for the title of Minor Champion in Indonesia.

  • Disclaimer: This post will contain some brief and shallow details for each of the competing teams. A more thorough breakdown of the participating teams will come closer to the start of the event itself.

The Direct Invitee

600px-EG Evil Geniuses (North America) – Evil Geniuses stand as the top ranked squad within the North American region, and it doesn’t appear that the team is going to lose that position anytime soon. The squad comes into this Minor as one of the favorites to win, which is good news for the team on the Pro Circuit. While the team’s position within its home region is secure, EG’s position within the Pro Circuit standings has been slipping of late. The North American leader is in need of a strong showing to help bolster its position on the international level, and this Minor could provide the perfect opportunity to make that happen

The Qualifier Winners

Rex_Regum Rex Regum Qeon (Indonesia) – Rex Regum Qeon will be making its Pro Circuit debut after winning the Indonesia Qualifier for the Minor. The team hasn’t exactly been a dominant force within the Southeast Asian region so far this season, as the team has managed to earn just a single Top 4 finish in Pro Circuit regional qualifiers. With that in mind, the team won’t be considered much of a threat to claim a Top 4 spot at the Minor, but the chance to perform before a home town crowd could always spark a surprise run from the underdog squad.

Fnaticlogo Fnatic (Southeast Asia) – The new look Fnatic has wasted no time proving that it is capable of competing at the Pro Circuit level, as the Southeast Asian team has claimed two Top 4 finishes so far in 2018. The team comes into the GESC: Indonesia Minor as one of the more accomplished squads on the Pro Circuit, and the Minor could provide the SEA squad with a much needed opportunity to continue its climb through the Pro Circuit standings. The team may not be guaranteed a Top 4 spot at the event, but it will certainly enjoy a position as one of the favorites in Indonesia.

600px-VGJ_201710_logo_notext VGJ.Thunder (China) – The acquisition of ddc earned VGJ.Thunder its first Qualifying Points of the season, but the Chinese squad will be looking to earn more points in the traditional manner at the Minor. The team has been largely overshadowed by its regional rivals, but VGJ.Thunder has been quietly putting together a respectable season, and could be poised for a breakthrough performance in Indonesia. With the field of participants containing multiple squads either without Qualifying Points or with limited Pro Circuit experience, VGJ.Thunder an increased chance to show its strength on the international level at this event.

Iceberg esports Iceberg Esports (North America) – The team formerly known as Animal Planet will be making its first Pro Circuit appearance of the season in Indonesia, as the team is set to represent the North American region at the Minor. The squad has been working its way through regional qualifiers, and now the experienced roster has its chance to compete and prove it is capable of finding success on the international level. The GESC: Indonesia Minor will feature a few teams ranked on the Pro Circuit, but there is still space for Iceberg Esports to make a run and potentially earn Qualifying Points in its Pro Circuit debut.

LOGO-INFAMOUS-COMERCIAL Infamous (South America) – The season has not gone particularly well for Infamous on the international stage, as the South American team has yet to earn any Qualifying Points on the Pro Circuit so far. The team has had a multitude of opportunities with appearances at several Pro Circuit events, but none of those chances have been converted by Infamous just yet. With the field of participants in Indonesia featuring a handful of lesser known and less accomplished squads, Infamous may finally have its best chance to earn its first Qualifying Points of the season and the first Qualifying Points for any South American team on the Pro Circuit.

The Final Tribe.png The Final Tribe (Europe) – All Swedish squad The Final Tribe has not been around on the Pro Circuit for as long as some of the other squads, as the team came into existence in October of 2017. Since then, the squad has been fighting its way through European qualifiers looking for its chance to perform on the Pro Circuit stage. The team had earned two Top 4 finishes prior to its victory in the Europe Qualifier for this Minor, and now has its long awaited opportunity to shine on the international stage. The team will be making its Pro Circuit debut in Indonesia, and stands a good chance to claim a Top 4 finish in its first Pro Circuit event of the season.

668px-Natus_Vincere Natus Vincere (Commonwealth of Independent States) – Na’Vi earned quite a bit of attention when the team announced a couple of roster changes near the roster lock deadline. A trade for Lil and the addition of LeBronDota gave the team a new look but also introduced a level on uncertainty that the squad will need to address moving forward. The roster changes didn’t help the team perform at the recent ESL One Katowice Major, but with the field of participants in Indonesia featuring a slightly lower level of competition, Na’Vi has a chance to show that its lineup has fully adjusted to those changes and can continue to compete on the Pro Circuit.






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