PENTA Sports parts way with Dota 2 roster

The European organization dropped its Dota 2 squad, but the team will continue to play together on the Pro Circuit.

European organization PENTA Sports is back in the news on the Dota 2 Pro Circuit, as the team made a significant announcement. Just one month after adding Aliwi “w33” Omar to the squad, PENTA Sports has announced that it will be parting ways with its Dota 2 team. Despite the departure of its organization, the current PENTA Sports roster will continue to play together this season under the name “Going In”.

The squad got off to a rough start this season, but had been making significant progress towards a level of consistent and solid play within the European region. Overall, the team has participated in 14 Pro Circuit qualifiers this season and earned Top 4 finishes in 10 of them. Unfortunately, the team was never able to turn those regional results into success on the Pro Circuit stage, as the team made just one appearance at a Pro Circuit LAN event (ESL One Genting) and finished in the collective last place position of 13th-16th. Outside of the Pro Circuit, the team has found some success both at home and on the international level, winning the WellPlay INvitational #9 and the European division of the joinDota League Season 11 in addition to claiming a Top 4 finish at the ROG MASTERS 2017.

All of this paints the picture of a team perhaps on the verge of a breakthrough on the international level, and the team won’t have that momentum taken away from them in spite of the loss of its previous organization. The fact that the roster is remaining together means that the new Going In sits in the same position that it did under the PENTA Sports banner. The squad will continue to be a formidable force within the European region, and a potential threat on the international level as the team works to return to the Pro Circuit stage.

The roster of Going In following its departure from PENTA Sports (Unchanged)

  • Oliver “oliver” Lepko (Carry)
  • Aliwi “w33” Omar (Mid)
  • Joni “Buugi” Fält (Offlane)
  • Dino “dnz” Šavuk (Support)
  • Roman “rmN-” Paley (Support) (Captain)

PENTA Sports’ announcement via Twitter


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