Geek Fam announces departure of xRag

The Southeast Asian organization announced the support player’s departure a little over a month after adding him to roster.

Some roster news has come out of the Southeast Asian region earlier today, as the Geek Fam organization announced the departure of one of its players. Support player Augustus “xRag” John Casanda will be leaving the team’s active roster, becoming a free agent within the Southeast Asian region. The move comes just a little over a month after the team announced the addition of xRag to the Geek Fam roster during the Open Roster period in February.

For xRag, the move leaves him a free agent outside of the roster lock period, meaning his chances of joining an established power in the Southeast Asian region are severely reduced. The support player has seen action in both Geek Fam and HappyFeet so far this season, but has been able to accrue significant experience outside of the SEA region in that time. That being said, his experience with two somewhat notable teams within the region could make xRag a valuable commodity for a potential up and coming squad looking to break into the competitive mix in the region. For now though, xRag remains a free agent as the season sits near the halfway mark.

For Geek Fam, the move leaves it down a player in its roster as the team looks to continue fighting within the Southeast Asian region. Any replacement player that Geek Fam brings in will results in a penalty to the team’s potential Qualifying Point earnings, but at this stage the team stands little chance of earning a Top 4 spot on the Pro Circuit stage. The team at this point is more concerned with reaching a Pro Circuit event at all, which makes the departure of xRag an occurrence that it can afford to endure. It is not certain where the team will look for its new support player, but the team will be eyeing someone that can help it compete on a more regular basis within the region.

The roster of Geek Fam following the departure of xRag:

  • Rolen Andrei “Skemberlu” Gabriel Ong (Carry) (Captain)
  • Kee “Chyuan” Chyuan  Ng (Mid)
  • Thiay “March” Jun Wen (Offlane)
  • Chan “Oli” Chon Kien (Support)

Geek fam’s announcement of the move via Facebook


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