Animal Planet roster signs with Digital Chaos

The North American squad joins its second organization of the season as DC returns to the Pro Circuit

The eyes of the Dota 2 world were fixated on Bucharest today, as the Bucharest Major reached its conclusion and a Major Champion was crowned. However, there was some big news to come out of the North American region as well, as it was announced that Digital Chaos was reentering the Pro Circuit scene with the acquisition of the Animal Planet roster. The team had previously been signed with Iceberg Esports, but left the organization after a couple of months amid contract and payment disputes. The move for the former Animal Planet roster doesn’t come without some changes though, as Kartik “kitrak” Rathi becomes a casualty of the signing with DC. The move to play under the Digital Chaos banner has resulted in the team’s support player and captain being removed from the roster, as DC’s new lineup will include Stanley “Stan King” Yang as captain and support instead.

For kitrak, the move is an unfortunate one, as the former captain and support player becomes a free agent within the North American scene. He had been a member of Animal Planet since the team’s inception back at the beginning of 2018, but his tenure with the squad has now come to an end. With the rosters now locked for the rest of the season, it may be hard to him to find another squad should he wish to continue pursuing a position at the professional level. Animal Planet was one of kitrak’s first major opportunities to compete on the professional level, and he proved himself as a capable player and captain that could potentially bring talent and experience to a North American squad looking to upgrade its roster.

For the new roster of Digital Chaos, the move does bring some changes as well. The addition of Stan King to the lineup as captain may bring about some small adjustments to the team’s draft strategy and style, and it may take a short period of time before the team is fully acclimated to that. For the most part though, the changes shouldn’t change the team much, as Digital Chaos remains on the rise within the North American region. The team’s new roster is just days away from making its Pro Circuit debut as well, with the team set to represent the North American region at the GESC: Indonesia Minor beginning March 15. Its a bit uncommon to get the chance to see a team make such a high profile appearance so quickly after a change like this, and it will be interesting and exciting to see how the team comes out and performs at the Minor with its new organization and new captain.

The roster of Digital Chaos following the signing of Animal Planet:

  • Ravindu “Ritsu” Kodippili (Carry)
  • Jonathan Bryle “bryle” Santos De Guia (Mid)
  • David “MoonMeander” Tan (Offlane)
  • Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling (Support)
  • Stanley “Stan King” Yang (Support) (Captain)

Digital Chaos’ announcement of the signing via its website


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