iG Vitality add Meracle to roster

The SEA player brings his skills and experience to the struggling Chinese squad.

Chinese squad Invictus Gaming Vitality has spent most of the season so far about as removed from the spotlight as physically possible. After an encouraging but unsuccessful appearance at TI7, it wasn’t entirely clear where the team would fit into the new hierarchy in the Chinese region with the introduction of the Pro Circuit. It turns out that the team didn’t really have a place in the hierarchy, as the team has been relegated to an afterthought in the region. The team is hoping to change its fortunes this season with the acquisition of Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen to replace its former carry, Su “Flyby” Lei.

Meracle may have been recently announced as an official member of the team’s roster, but the SEA player has been playing with iG Vitality for a while now, having served as a stand-in for a period of around three weeks. Prior to this move to iG Vitality, Meracle had been playing as a member of the Warriors Gaming.Unity lineup. Unfortunately, he hadn’t seen much action with that squad in the run up to his departure from the team, as the team had been inactive since December and had only two players on its roster. Meracle may not be a big name in the Dota 2 world in terms of accolades, but he brings a level of experience and skill to a squad that just seems lost at the current moment.

iG Vitality’s transition into the Pro Circuit era of the Dota 2 world has not been a smooth one, as the Chinese team is essentially free falling through the ranks of the Chinese squads. The team has participated in seven Pro Circuit qualifiers so far this season, and has earned Top 4 finishes in just one of them (ESL One Hamburg China Qualifier). On the surface, iG Vitality looks like a squad that is too far removed from the top of its regional hierarchy to make an impact on the Pro Circuit. However, the season is far from over, and the addition of Meracle could be what the team needs to get itself back on track towards more positive and consistent production in its home region. Of course, changing out a player after the roster lock period makes iG Vitality ineligible to receive an invitation to the China Qualifier for TI8. With that said though, if this move is the catalyst that the team is hoping it is, then iG Vitality has a chance to make a run through the Open Qualifiers and join its regional rivals  in the TI8 Qualifiers this summer.

The roster of Invictus Gaming Vitality following the addition of Meracle:

  • Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen (Carry)
  • Xu “Sakata” Zichen (Mid)
  • Yang “InJuly” Xiaodong (Offlane)
  • Gao “@dogf1ghts” Tianpeng (Support)
  • Su “super” Peng (Support)

Invictus Gaming Vitality’s announcement via Twitter


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