Fire Dragoon disbands roster

Just hours after losing its carry, the SEA organization has announced the release of its Dota 2 roster.

Southeast Asian organization Fire Dragoon is back in the news in the Dota 2 world, as the team made another announcement just hours after it was revealed that Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son was leaving the team to join Clutch Gamers. In the wake of that loss, the team has made a follow up announcement in which it has informed that Dota 2 world that the team’s roster is being disbanded. The team’s four players, Hiew “AlaCrity” Teck Yoong, Chua “KaNG” Soon Khong, Yang “yaNG” Liang Ying, and Pang “BrayaNt” Jian Zhe are all being released into free agency by this move.

For Fire Dragoon, this move comes in the wake of a largely unsuccessful season on the Pro Circuit so far. The SEA squad has seen action in four regional qualifiers this season, and has only every finished as high as 3rd-4th in one of those qualifier runs. Outside of the Pro Circuit, the team managed to find a bit more success, with the squad claiming Top 4 finishes in three qualifiers for third party events, including a 1st place finish in the Malaysia Qualifier for WESG 2017. The team also claimed 3rd place finish in the ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia #10, along with two 4th place finishes in the joinDOTA League Season 11 Asia and the Malaysia Esports League. These local third party results were still encouraging achievements for the team, but it hadn’t translated into significant improvement on the Pro Circuit or international level, thus prompting this rather drastic course of action.

For the now free agents and former Fire Dragoon members, the life of free agency begins today. Most of the players have significant experience in the Southeast Asian region or stand out individual statistics that will likely get them noticed by another squad. As of now, the players have not made any indication of whether they will endeavor to stay together or go their separate ways. Either way, the players should be able to either find a new organization or be assimilated into the rosters of other competing teams fairly easily if that is what they want to do.

The former members of Fire Dragoon following the announcement of the disband:

  • Hiew “AlaCrity” Teck Yoong (Mid)
  • Chua “KaNG” Soon Khong (Offlane)
  • Yang “yaNG” Liang Ying (Support)
  • Pang “BrayaNt” Jian Zhe (Support)

Fire Dragoon’s announcement via Facebook


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