Keen Gaming announce late-season roster change

Just a few weeks after reversing a trade with EHOME, the Chinese organization announced further changes to its roster prior to the TI8 Qualifiers.

At this rate, it feels like we’re going to be seeing roster changes all the up to the start of the TI8 Qualifiers themselves, as yet another organization has announced changes to its lineup late in the season. Keen Gaming once again finds itself making headlines in the Chinese region, as the team is set to undergo another change to its roster just a few weeks after reversing its previous trade with EHOME and exchanging Wang “old chicken” Zhiyong for Zhai “荧”‘ Jingkai. This most recent change sees carry player Yang “MS” Yongjie depart the roster, with Guo “Mevius” Yuhang being promoted from the Keen Gaming.Luminous roster to the organization’s main squad.

For MS, this roster change brings to an end a stint of around four months with Keen Gaming’s main squad, with the Chinese carry having played for the organization’s secondary squad, Keen Gaming.Luminous, since the organization’s departure from the EHOME banner back in 2017. MS helped the Chinese squad earn a spot at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 Major, but was unable to finish better than the combined last place position of 15th-16th at the event. With this roster change having come so late in the season, the options for MS in terms of joining a new team are not quite as extensive as they may have been earlier in the season. However, there are still a number of teams within the Chinese region that are already destined for an Open Qualifier run that would more than likely be willing to pick up a player with Pro Circuit experience like MS.

The Keen Gaming, the hope is that the addition of Mevius to the lineup will give the team the new look it needs to improve what has been an unimpressive series of performances within the Chinese region. The team has already lost its eligibility for TI8 invites, and doesn’t have much left to lose from making this late roster change. The team only has one appearance remaining on the Pro Circuit stage this season at the GESC: Thailand Minor, but that event will still give fans a chance to see the new roster in action at least once before the TI8 Qualifiers.

The roster of Keen Gaming following the addition of Mevius

  • Guo “Mevius” Yuhang (Carry)
  • Zhai “荧”‘ Jingkai (Mid)
  • Song “dark”‘ Runxi (Offlane) (Captain)
  • Yang “yoona”‘ Yongjie (Support)
  • Jiang “天命” An (Support)

Announcement of the roster change from Keen Gaming via Weibo (Chinese)


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