Clutch Gamers announce roster changes amidst merger with Team Admiral

The SEA squad will be absorbing two of Team Admiral’s players as the two organization join forces in preparation for TI8.

The wheel just keeps on turning in the Dota 2 world, as yet another team has announced some changes to its roster in the final stages of the Pro Circuit season. This time, the news from the Southeast Asian region, as Clutch Gamers and Team Admiral have announced that they will be combining their squads as part of a merger that will see Team Admiral serve as a sponsor for Clutch Gamers. As part of the move, carry player Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte and support player Marvin “Boombacs” Rushton will move from Team Admiral to the Clutch Gamers roster. In order to facilitate the move, Clutch Gamers announced that Chen “vtFaded” Jia Hao and Mohammad “AfrOmoush” Abu Al Eis will no longer be apart of the team’s active roster.

For vtFaded and AfrOmoush, the life of free agency appears to be in their future. At this stage in the season, the chances of either player joining one of the more established and leading teams in a region seem slim, as those squads will be hesitant to sacrifice its TI8 invite eligibility to pick up a new player. However, there are a number of squads across every region for whom eligibility is not a concern, and either one of the newly made free agents could look to link up with one of those squads for an Open Qualifier run this summer. In its announcement post, Clutch Gamers clarified that the team will be looking to facilitate a transfer of AfrOmoush, meaning that one of both of its former players may be in line to join another squad in the coming days.

For Cluthc Gamers itself, the addition of Gabbi and Boombacs adds both young talent and veteran experience to the team as it prepares for a run through the TI8 Southeast Asia Open Qualifiers. The move also lays to rest any lingering issues with the team regarding which region it will be playing in, as the roster changes officially puts the majority of its players in the SEA region. Clutch Gamers did not earn itself any position at Pro Circuit events this season, and while it put together solid performances in regional qualifiers and third party events, the team is not exactly a firmly established power in Southeast Asia. With the addition of Gabbi and Boombacs though, the team is hoping that it has added the right pieces to its team to make a run through the Open Qualifiers and earn a chance to challenge the region’s leading squads in the main regional qualifiers this summer.

The roster of Clutch Gamers following the merger with Team Admiral:

  • Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son (Carry)
  • Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte (Mid)
  • Kharis “SkyLark” Zafeiriou (Offlane)
  • Marvin “Boombacs” Rushton (Support)
  • Vladimir “yol” Basov (Support) (Captain)

Clutch Gamers’ announcement of the roster changes via Facebook


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