Vega Squadron withdraw from GESC: Thailand Minor

Visa Issues will keep the CIS squad from attending the final Minor of the season.

A bit of misfortune has hit CIS squad Vega Squadron today, as the team has announced that it will not be able to attend the GESC: Thailand Minor just two days before the start of the event. According to the organization, Evgeniy “Blizzy” Ree and Bakyt “Zayac”  Emilzhanov had the issuing of their visas delayed and as such will not be receiving their documentation until after the scheduled start of the Minor. Rather than attempt to attend the event in Bangkok with multiple stand-ins, the team has opted to withdraw from the Minor entirely. The news comes as an unfortunate setback for the CIS squad, as the team will miss out on an opportunity to potentially earn further Qualifying Points and international experience heading into the TI8 Qualifiers. The good news for Vega Squadron is that the team has stated that its visa issues will not keep the team out of its final Pro Circuit appearance at the MDL Changsha Major set to begin next week.

Announcement from Vega Squadron of its withdrawal from the GESC: Thailand Minor


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