compLexity Gaming announce roster changes

Over 2 months after its original roster change, the North American organization has announced its new lineup.

The North American region has been hit by a tidal wave of roster news in the wake of the ESL One Birmingham Major, as compLexity Gaming announced its new lineup today. Back in March, the team parted ways with long time captain and support player Kyle “melonzz” Freedman, and had been playing with a series of stand-ins ever since. Today, the team announced that it was making a series of roster moves to finally complete its lineup. Former Fnatic player and coach Adam “Adam” Shah will be joining compLexity Gaming as a support player and the team’s new coach, while David  “MoonMeander”  Tan will make his return to the squad to take up his old position as the team’s offlaner. The addition of a new offlaner forces the team to move its previous offlane player, David “Moo” Hull, into the carry position. In order to facilitate that move, the team also announced that Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin would be removed from the team.

For Chessie, the roster moves puts him into a position as a free agent with just a week or two remaining before the start of the TI8 Open Qualifiers. Chessie has spent the entirety of his Dota 2 career as a player within the North American region, so it seems unlikely at this stage that he would go anywhere else to find a new team. The North American region is full of opportunities should Chessie want to link up with a team for an Open Qualifier run, and the possibility also exists that the former compLexity carry could look to put together his own squads from other free agents and notable players in the region.

For MoonMeander and Adam, the Pro Circuit system to this point has taken some significantly different paths. MoonMeander began the season as a member of Digital Chaos, but was removed from the team in October and was inactive until the beginning of 2018 when he reemerged as part of the Animal Planet roster. That roster went from playing under the Iceberg Esports banner, to reverting back to Animal Planet, to being picked up by Digital Chaos all in the span of 2 months before disbanding in April. The hope for the offlaner is that returning to his roots with compLexity Gaming will breed both stability and success within the North American region. Adam’s time on the Pro Circuit has been a bit less turbulent, as the Malaysian support player began the sesaon with Fire Dragoon E-sports before joining Fnatic as the team’s coach in November. Just prior to the start of the ESL One Birmingham Major, it was announced that Adam was stepping down from his coaching role on the team, and it is now apparent that his move was made in order to allow him to join the compLexity Gaming roster. Adam’s playing time this season has not been substantial, but he did stand-in for Fnatic in its run at the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 5 Minor in which the team secured itself a 3rd-4th place finish. With his experience on the Pro Circuit as both a coach and a player, compLexity Gaming are hoping that putting Adam in the captain’s chair will help the squad put together a strong run in the TI8 Open Qualifiers as it looks to earn itself a spot in the regional qualifier and potentially even a place in Vancouver this summer.

The roster of compLexity Gaming following the recent roster changes:

  • David “Moo” Hull (Carry)
  • Linus “Limmp” Blomdin (Mid)
  • David  “MoonMeander”  Tan (Offlane)
  • Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman (Support)
  • Adam “Adam” Shah (Support) (Captain)

compLexity Gaming’s announcement of its new roster via its website


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