Adam parting ways with compLexity Gaming

The first domino has officially fallen in the post-TI shuffle.

2 days removed from the end of The International 2018, the first move in the traditional post-TI roster shuffle has been made. While rumors and speculation have been common across the last 48 hours, the first official change to a team’s roster has been made, and it comes in the North American region from a squad that did not participate at TI8: compLexity Gaming. According to a post from his Twitter account, Adam “Adam” Shah is no longer a member of the team’s roster and is looking to join a new team in time for the Pro Circuit roster registration deadline on September 15.

Adam’s apparent departure from compLexity Gaming comes following a 3 month tenure for the Malaysian support and coach with the North American squad. He joined the team alongside David “MoonMeander” Tan at the end of May as a part of the team’s final roster preparations for the TI8 North America Open Qualifiers and subsequent main regional qualifier. Unfortunately, Adam and the rest of compLexity Gaming were unable to earn a place at TI8, falling short of the mark with a 5th place finish in the TI8 North America Qualifier. While it appears that he will be looking for an active position on a new team for now, there is also the possibility of Adam returning to a coaching position for the start of the 2018-2019 season. He previously served as the coach for Fnatic for around 6 months last season, and also held the coaching position for a time in 2017 with the very same compLexity Gaming team that he just left. With experience across Southeast Asia and North America, and a history as both a support player and coach, Adam has the flexibility and veteran status that many teams will put significant value on as the new Pro Circuit season approaches. Whether he opts to remain in the North American region or make a return to Southeast Asia, Adam has the potential to make near immediate improvements to a rebuilding team, or provide a solid foundation for the creation of a new one.

Adam’s tweet announcing his departure from compLexity Gaming


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