Let’s Do It to lose Patos, kacor to free agency.

The dual departures leave the Polish squad with just 2 players on its roster heading into the Pro Circuit season.

More roster news coming out here as the Dota 2 offseason nears the end of August and the post-TI roster shuffle marches on unabated. In the spotlight today is Polish squad Let’s Do It, formerly known as Team Kinguin prior to being released by the organization at the end of June after a failed attempt to qualify for TI8. While the team’s roster was able to stay together under a new name and continue competing in third party events like the BTS Summer Cup and subsequent DOTA Summit 9, it appears that the squad will not be sticking together for the new Pro Circuit season. In a pair of announcements on twitter, offlaner Paweł “Patos” Naruszewicz and support player Jakub “kacor” Kocjan have revealed that they will not be playing for Let’s Do It this season and are looking for opportunities to join other teams. This move comes just over 2 weeks after support player and team captain Rafał “eL lisasH” Wójcik announced his own departure from the organizaiton, leaving the Let’s Do It lineup with just 2 members.

For both Patos and kacor, the lineup that they have just left behind was, for the most part, the only one that they had worked with on a professional level in their careers. Kacor has been with the team since 2015 when 4/5ths of its most recent roster played under the name ALTERNATE aTTaX. Meanwhile, Patos was a more recent addition to Let’s Do It, having joined the squad in April of 2017 without any prior professional experience. Aside from Let’s Do It, there are pretty much no other teams that hold all-Polish lineups, which leaves just 2 scenarios to work with for Patos and kacor heading into the 2018-2019 season. One or both of them would need to either remain in their home country to form a new team with what will likely be unknown Polish players, or take their chances with a mixed-nationality roster, most likely in the European or CIS regions. Though their experience is limited to essentially 1 team with various iterations, Patos and kacor have still accrued an impressive level of experience both within the European region and on the international level. Given how many rumors are making the rounds regarding European and CIS squads, it appears that both of the Polish free agents will have opportunities to find a new squad before the roster registration deadline on September 15th.

The roster of Let’s Do It following the departures of kacor and Patos

Natan “Exotic_Deer” Michalewicz (Carry)
Michał “Nisha” Jankowski (Mid)
Michał “mr0” Jackowski (Manager)

Kacor’s announcement via Twitter
Patos’s announcement via Twitter


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