Ryoya no longer a member of Immortals

The U.S. carry appears to have parted ways with the North American squad and is in search of a new team.

North America continues to dominate the post-TI roster shuffle period so far, as even more news came out of the region today with regards to organizations changing their roster. This time, it’s Immortals that is sitting in the spotlight, as the squad appears to have lost or removed a player from its roster just a little over 2 weeks prior to the Pro Circuit roster registration deadline. Midlaner Eric “Ryoya” Dong has announced that he is looking for a new team, which would ostensibly mean that his time with Immortals has come to an end as the organization will be down to 4 players on its roster overall.

Ryoya was a mid-season addition to the Immortals lineup, having joined the North American squad alongside Kim “Velo” Tae-Sung at the end of January. During his time with the squad, Ryoya helped Immortals earn its lone Pro Circuit appearance of 2018 (3 appearances overall last season) at the DreamLeague Season 9 Minor in Stockholm, Sweden. Unfortunately, the squad did not finish particularly high in the standings at that event, but Immortals was able to remain a solid squad within its home region and routinely put together Top 4 finishes in Pro Circuit qualifiers. With Ryoya in the lineup, the team even managed to come close to a spot at TI8, as it finished in the 4th place position in the TI8 North America Qualifier after losing its final series 0-2 to OpTic Gaming. Ryoya stands as a fairly experienced player in North America, having played across a multitude of organizations in the region stretching back to 2014. While his experience on the international level may not be quite as extensive as some of the other free agents on the market, his talent and recent rack record will likely earn him at least a couple of opportunities to secure a new position for the 2018-2019 season.

As for Immortals, the organization has quite a few options available to it as it looks for a new midlaner. The squad to this point has maintained a largely Korean roster, and there is a high chance that the team looks to continue that trend heading into the new season. However, as an organization based out of the North American region, Immortals may also lean towards picking up a North American player to fill the vacancy created by Ryoya’s departure. The North American region is likely to have a wider selection of free agents to choose from compared to the Korean Dota 2 scene, but we shall see which direction Immortals opts to go in over the course of the next few weeks.

The roster of Immortals following the departure of Ryoya:

Pyo “MP” No-a (Carry)
Kim “Velo” Tae-Sung (Offlane)
Kim “Febby” Yong-min (Support)
Kim “DuBu” Doo-young (Support, Captain)
Andrew “Jubei” Evelynn (Coach)
Josh “Shua” Arkin (Manager)

Ryoya’s announcement of his free agency via Twitter


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