Thunder Predator announce roster, management changes.

The Peruvian squad looks to leap to the top of the South American hierarchy with an updated roster.

The post-TI roster shuffle has officially made its way to the South American region, as the first changes have come from Thunder Predator, previously known as Thunder Awaken. The Peruvian squad announced today that it would be making some changes in preparation for the 2018-2019 Pro Circuit season, both to its roster and to its management. On the management front, former Team Manager Carlos “CEps” Planella will no longer be working with the team, with Carlos The Azathoth” Rios set to take his place. As for the player roster, offlaner Frank “Ky” Arias has been confirmed to no longer be a part of the organization’s lineup, with Jose Sword” Nicosia of CDM eSports announced as his replacement.

The South American region was not exactly the strongest among the 6 official regions in the Dota 2 world, as South American squad found very limited success on the Pro Circuit last season. However, even in what is considered to be the weakest region, Thunder Predator is not really sitting near the top of the hierarchy of teams in South America. The team’s most notable action in recent memory was its disqualification from the TI8 South America Qualifier for the use of a macro during its Playoff series against paiN Gaming. Being most known for cheating in a TI qualifier is not a recipe for success, and the organization’s disqualification will likely be a black mark on its reputation this season. However, keeping the majority of its roster intact heading into the 2018-2019 Pro Circuit season could be a significant boon for the Peruvian squad as it looks for redemption in the new season. We’ve seen other squads make major leaps forward in terms of its level of play and success thanks in part to maintaining a consistent roster, and Thunder Predator will likely be hoping for that kind of growth this season. With squads like paiN Gaming, Infamous, and SG e-sports all still standing as leading forces in the region, Thunder Predator will have its work cut out for it as it looks to break through into the top level of teams in South America.

The roster of Thunder Predator following the team’s changes:
Juan “Atun” Ochoa (Carry)
Jeremy “Jeimari” Aguinaga (Mid)
Jose Sword” Nicosia (Offlane)
Elvis “Scofield” De La Cruz (Support)
Sergio “Prada” Toribio (Support)
Carlos The Azathoth” Rios (Manager)

Thunder Predator’s official announcement via Facebook (Spanish)


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