Entity Gaming reveal new roster for 2018-2019 season

The Southeast Asian squad is back with a revamped roster after its impressive TI8 Qualifier run.

Just a little over 2 months ago, Entity Gaming was a squad on the verge of making the biggest breakthrough in the organization’s history, as the team has fought through the TI8 Open Qualifier and had earned a place in the Playoffs of the TI8 Southeast Asia Qualifier. Unfortunately, back to back series losses to TNC Predator and TNC Tigers ended the team’s run, but the organization knew that it was close to being a contender within the Southeast Asian region. To that end, Entity Gaming has announced its new roster for the 2018-2019 season today, hoping to build upon its strong, but unsuccessful, finish to the TI8 Qualifiers. While former team member and carry Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier had already been confirmed to have left the team, Entity Gaming has also parted ways with midlaner Jure Pingvincek Plešej and offlaner Mikki Mørch  “HesteJoe-Rotten” Junget. In the place of those 3 departed players, the organization has added Yang “Deth” Wu Heng, Travis “Castaway” Waters, and Kim “Velo” Taesung to the roster.

Both Deth and Castaway are relatively new to the professional scene, having somewhat limited experience playing at what we would consider to be the top level of competitive Dota 2. However, in these situations a team often picks up these players due to the belief that their talent and ability outweigh concerns regarding inexperience, which is hopefully the case with Entity Gaming. As for its third addition, Velo is a player that is a bit more experienced on the international level, having played professionally since 2015. Velo’s addition to the roster of Entity Gaming also confirms his removal from the Immortals lineup, leaving the North American squad with just 2 players signed. With over half of its lineup having been changed, it is hard to tell if this iteration of Entity Gaming will be able to fully pick up where its previous roster left off. However, the myriad of changes within the Southeast Asian scene appear to be leaving a bit of a power vacuum at the moment, and barring any new super teams being formed in the region, there is potential for Entity Gaming to rise up and establish itself if it can perform well to start the season.

The new roster of Entity Gaming:

Yang “Deth” Wu Heng (Carry)
Travis “Castaway” Waters (Mid)
Kim “Velo” Taesung (Offlane)
Danny “Noia” Junget (Support)
Job “Jobeeezy” Real Ramos (Support, Captain)
Anthony “scantzor” Hodgson (Coach)
Sid “Boogiesan” Joshi (Manager)

Announcement of the new roster via scantzor’s Twitter


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