Neon Esports reveals duo of rosters for 2018-2019 Pro Circuit season

The Southeast Asian organization announced the formation/reorganization of 2 squads to play under its banner this season.

Neon Esports is likely not an organization that you’ve heard a whole lot about in the past, as its various teams have never risen to be significant contenders within the Southeast Asian region. However, the organization is hoping to change that with the onset of the new Pro Circuit season, and has announced that it will be once again be fielding 2 squads under the Neon name. In order to fill its various roster vacancies, the organization announced the addition of several players across its 2 teams, including offlaner Rafael “Rapy” Sicat Palo, former Clutch Gamers coach Kenneth “Flysolo” Coloma, former Team Flash carry Byron “Syeonix” Young, and former Sterling Global Dragons Midlaner Pio “Kim Elizabeth” Emeterio. With the addition of these new players, the oragnization has opted to shuffle their previously signed players in order to form their 2 rosters: Neon Esports, and Neon Atomic.

Rapy and Flysolo will be joining the roster of the main Neon Esports roster at the Offlane and Support positions, respectively. Meanwhile, Syeonix will be taking over the carry duties for Neon Atomic and Kim Elizabeth will be playing Mid for the team. Of course, many fans may remember that Valve is attempting to discourage organizations from owning multiple teams, introducing restrictions that are set to take effect for TI9. However, Valve’s statement specifically only refers to TI9 itself, with any ownership conflicts needing to be resolved prior to the TI Regional Qualifiers. Seeing as how neither of Neon’s 2 teams appear to be a contender to TI heading into the season, it would seem for now that these restrictions will not be a significant concern for the organization.

The roster of Neon Esports:

CJ “Skadilicious” Abasolo (Carry)
Marc “Marc” Mamales (Mid)
Rafael “Rapy” Sicat Palo (Offlane)
Prieme Ejay “PlayHard” Maque (Support)
Kenneth “Flysolo” Coloma (Support)
Karl “KRL” Tallungan (Manager)


The roster of Neon Atomic:

Byron “Syeonix” Young (Carry)
Pio “Kim Elizabeth” Emeterio (Mid)
Aaron “Yamaguchi” Cuartero (Offlane)
Kryte “LuziFy” Gabriel (Support)
Alvin “SUGO” Valencia (Support)
Karl “KRL” Tallungan (Manager)

Neon Esports’ announcement via Facebook



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