Burden United officially reforms for 2018-2019 season.

The European squad has put together a full roster and will look to compete in its home region in the new Pro Circuit season.

Burden United is a squad that has been around for quite some time within the European region, as the team has served as something of a half-way house for regional Dota 2 talent. The team has served as a temporary stop for a number of European players over the years, giving them a chance to continue playing in a competitive environment while searching for their next opportunity. With the new Pro Circuit season fast approaching, the team has opted to put together a more rigid lineup in the hopes of competing within the European region and finally taking that big step into serious contention. In a tweet from Stefan “pwN” Pavlovic, the Burden United roster for the 2018-2019 season has been confirmed. While pwN will be handling the offlane duties for the team, Egor “.Ark” Zhabotinskii is set to be the team’s carry player and Ivaylo “Mastermind” Petkov will be holding down the midlaner role for the squad. At the support positions, Dmitry “UnderShock” Bolshakov and Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Craciunescu will be rounding out the new Burden United roster.

While the team’s new roster has a fair bit of experience to its name, none of the team’s players have spent much time with what we would consider to be top tier organizations in their Dota 2 careers. At first glance, this Burden United roster doesn’t appear to be an immediate contender for a top spot in the European region, but the squad does have some talented and experienced players. We’ve seen team chemistry life up teams that were considered weaker than their regional rivals in the past, and there is some potential for success for Burden United, as limited as it may be.

The roster of Burden United:

Egor “.Ark” Zhabotinskii (Carry)
Ivaylo “Mastermind” Petkov (Mid)
Stefan “pwN” Pavlovic (Offlane)
Dmitry “UnderShock” Bolshakov (Support)
Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Craciunescu (Support)

pwN’s tweet announcing the team’s new roster 

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