paiN Gaming parts ways with Dota 2 roster

The South American squad is left without an official lineup, while most of its now former roster will move forward together.

The post-TI roster shuffle has hit the South American region with a particular ferocity this offseason, as just about every major squad in the region has seen significant changes to far with around a week to go before the roster registration deadline. Following a 17th-18th place finish at TI8, it wasn’t fully clear if paiN Gaming was going to opt for changes to its roster or keep its lineup consistent through the offseason period. Some clarity was brought to the situation yesterday when support player and team captain Danylo  “Kingrd” Nascimento announced via Twitter that he and the rest of the roster would be parting ways with the paiN Gaming organization. However, he also revealed that the majority of the former paiN Gaming players would be remaining together, with only Heitor “Duster” Pereira leaving the squad. In his place, coach Rasmus “MISERY”  Filipsen will be shifted into an active role on the team as its newest support player.

As of right now, the former paiN Gaming members have no organization to play under, but with most of its roster remaining together this season, the team stands a good chance of retaining its place as one of the top teams in South America. We will have to see how well MISERY manages to fit with the squad now that he is back to being an active player as opposed to a coach, but the veteran player shouldn’t have too many difficulties with the transition. With a lineup as talented as this ex-paiN Gaming squad, it shouldn’t take too long to find another organization for the new season, though it will be interesting to see what name the team plays under on the Pro Circuit.

The roster of ex-paiN Gaming following its departure from the organization:

William “hFn” Medeiros (Carry)
Aliwi “w33” Omar (Mid)
Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel (Offlane)
Danylo “Kingrd” Nascimento (Support, Captain)
Rasmus “MISERY”  Filipsen (Support)

Kingrd’s announcement of the team’s departure via Twitter



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