Team Spirit registers full roster for 2018-2019 season

The team becomes the latest in the CIS region to commit to a roster overhaul in preparation for the new Pro Circuit season.

Change has come to the CIS region in full, with just about every notable team in the region announcing changes to their rosters or revealing entirely new lineups all together. Team Spirit adds its name to the list of organization making changes in the offseason, as the squad has revealed its roster for the upcoming Pro Circuit season. Returning to the lineup are support duo Malthe “Biver” Winther and Artsiom  “fng” Barshak, who will be joined by carry player Oliver “oliver” Lepko, midlaner Leon “Nine” Kirilin, and offlaner Mikki Mørch “HesteJoe-Rotten” Junget. The captaincy of the team will be retained by fng, while former midlaner Sergey Alexandrovich “G” Bragin has officially parted ways with the organization.

Team Spirit was not exactly a powerhouse within the CIS region last season, but the team did mange to perform well enough compared to some of its rival squads. While the team was able to make appearances at back to back Pro Circuit Majors at ESL One Birmingham 2018 and the China Dota2 Supermajor, it fell short of the mark to make it to TI8 with a 3rd place finish in the CIS Qualifier. Despite that relatively successful conclusion to its Pro Circuit season, the team still opted to make the aforementioned changes to its lineup. While the team’s new roster is certainly full of talented players, it remains to be seen if this iteration of the Team Spirit lineup has what it needs to truly contend with regional leaders like and make a mark on the international level. Time will tell just how well the new-look Team Spirit stacks up as the first Pro Circuit qualifiers are set to begin in a little over a week.

The new roster of Team Spirit:

Oliver “oliver” Lepko (Carry)
Leon “Nine” Kirilin (Mid)
Mikki Mørch “HesteJoe-Rotten” Junget (Offlane)
Malthe “Biver” Winther (Support)
Artsiom  “fng” Barshak (Support, Captain)
Vitalij Sword Art” Petkin (Coach)
Ruslana “DKLana” Berest (Manager)

The Valve Pro Circuit 2018-2019 roster registration site (Team Spirit ID – 2621843)


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