Clutch Gamers reveal 3 members of its new roster

The Southeast Asian squad has announced 3 new members of its roster, and will reveal the rest of the lineup in the near future.

The Clutch Gamers lineup has been something of a revolving door so far in 2018, as the Southeast Asian organization has seen a somewhat abnormally high number of players pass through its various roster since the beginning of the year. The squad has already been fairly involved in the offseason moves so far, as 3 of its players has departed the organization to join other squads within the past few days. With more than half of its roster leaving within such a small span of time, the organization has opted for a near complete rebuild of its lineup for the upcoming season, beginning today with the announcement of 3 of its roster members. Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov and  Lee “kYxY” Kong Yang will be joining the team’s roster, while Kharis “SkyLark”  Zafeiriou has been confirmed to be remaining with the squad. The team’s announcement stated that the remaining 2 members of the lineup will be revealed soon.

The announcement puts Clutch Gamers on the road to completing its roster rebuild, but it also raises some questions regarding one member of the team’s last lineup. Support player Marvin “Boombacs” Rushton has been a member of Clutch Gamers since May of this year, but he was not mentioned in the team’s announcement. Under normal circumstances, not mentioning a current roster member would imply that he would be remaining with the team, but that may not be the case here. SkyLark was also a member of the previous Clutch Gamers roster, and he was confirmed as being a part of the new lineup for the team. So for the time being, Boombacs’s future is not yet known, and we will have to wait for either an announcement from the team that he is staying or going, or some sort of reveal from the player himself detailing his plans for the next Pro Circuit season.

The roster of Clutch Gamers:

Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov (Carry)
Lee “kYxY” Kong Yang (Mid)
Kharis “SkyLark”  Zafeiriou (Offlane)
Jaseem “Gangster” Khan (Manager)

Announcement from Clutch Gamers via Facebook


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