VendettaGG announce formation of new roster

A new team joins the ranks of the North American hopefuls with a roster of somewhat lesser known regional veterans.

As the roster registration deadline grows ever closer, we are starting to see a trend developing as the various regions begin announcing the formation of new squads and rosters. In the North American region, VendettaGG has thrown its hat into the ring with the announcement of its roster for the 2018-2019 season. Comprised of both regional veterans and a few lesser known tier 2 players, the squad will hope to challenge some of the more established organizations in the region this year. Carry player Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson, midlaner Nico “Gunnar” Lopez, offlaner Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins, and the support duo of Alexander “RobotVice” Dager and Leonid “SoNiC”  Kuzmenkov comprise the lineup for VendettaGG. Chase “Loomdun” Stearns will be serving as coach for the squad as it begins its preparations for the Pro Circuit season in North America.

This VendettaGG roster appears to have a fair bit of potential, despite the fact that its players have not found an overwhelming amount of success in North America so far. The squad has experience playing in the region, but the majority of its lineup has been limited to playing in high level matchmaking games or what we would consider to be around the tier 2 or tier 3 scene in North America. With the new Pro Circuit season on its way, the team will have an opportunity to make its mark and potentially get itself noticed on the international level.

The roster of VendettaGG:

Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson (Carry)
Nico “Gunnar” Lopez (Mid)
Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins (Offlane)
Alexander “RobotVice” Dager (Support)
Leonid “SoNiC”  Kuzmenkov (Support)
Chase “Loomdun” Stearns (Coach)

RobotVIce’s tweet announcing the VendettaGG lineup.


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