Infamous announce new roster for youth squad.

Infamous Young announce a new roster of relatively unknown players to compete in the South American region this season.

Just a few days ago, South American squad Infamous found itself in the news in the Dota 2 world as it announced a change to its roster for the upcoming Pro Circuit season. Now, the organization is once again announcing a change to its roster, but to its youth squad rather than its main lineup. Infamous Young will enter the season with a new look, with just 2 members of its previous lineup returning. Juan David “Liangy” Quintero Miranda, Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez Jimenez, and Junior “Yadomi” Reyes Rimari are the new additions to the roster for the Peruvian squad.

Infamous Young was not a team that factored into the hierarchy in the South American region last season, and even with these changes it doesn’t appear that things will change. Just about all of the members of Infamous Young are players that are nearly unknown in the regional scene, and are completely unknown on the international level. This new Infamous Young lineup might be able to get itself some attention in smaller regional events, and could potentially even make a run through a Pro Circuit Open Qualifier or 2, but the potential seems to end there for now. The purpose of a youth squad is to develop and grow younger and lesser known players, and hopefully this Infamous Young lineup will be able to do just this season. Just don’t expect the team to come out of the gate and be a competitive squad right away.

The roster of Infamous Young:

Juan David “Liangy” Quintero Miranda (Carry)
Sebastian “Robo Z” Cerralta (Mid)
Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez Jimenez (Offlane)
Junior “Yadomi” Reyes Rimari (Support)
Miguel Angel “Michael” Choque Gomez (Support)

Infamous Young’s announcement of its roster via Facebook (Spanish)


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