Keen Gaming announce updated roster

3 months after its unsuccessful run in the TI8 China Qualifier, Keen Gaming returns to the Pro Circuit looking to bounce back with a new lineup.

The offseason roster changes continue across the Dota 2 world today, particularly in China where another organization has announced its updated roster. Keen Gaming is the squad in the spotlight this time, as the team has put together a new roster and filled the vacancies left by a trio of departures from its lineup. Zhai “荧” a.k.a “Yíng” Jingkai remains with the organization as its Midlaner, and team captain Song “dark”‘ Runxi will be staying as well, though he will do so as one of the team’s support players rather than at his previous offlaner role. Filling out the rest of the lineup will be free agents Huo  “sss” Xiaole and Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi, as well as Ren “eLeVeN” Yangwei who is on loan from EHOME.

This new Keen Gaming roster certainly looks a lot more formidable than what the organization had in the past, but there is still a bit of concern for the team heading into the Pro Circuit season. Keen Gaming’s 2017-2018 Pro Circuit campaign was marred by multiple roster changes and a general sense of inconsistency, and there is the possibility that the team’s propensity for change may carry over into this new Pro Circuit season. However, it could be said that a large contributing factor to those frequent changes was a lack of results or consistent play among the players on the roster last season. With a mix of veterans and young talented players, there is hope that this Keen Gaming squad will be able to find success on a more consistent basis and keep its lineup intact throughout the rigors of the Pro Circuit schedule. Time will tell if this squad has what it takes to challenge for a spot near the top of the hierarchy in the Chinese region.

The new roster of Keen Gaming:

Huo “sss” Xiaole (Carry)
Zhai “荧” a.k.a “Yíng” Jingkai (Mid)
Ren “eLeVeN” Yangwei (Offlane)
Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi (Support)
Song “dark”‘ Runxi (Support, Captain)
Wu “Fyms” Junying (Coach/Manager)
Chen “TheOne” Peng (Team Leader)

Keen Gaming’s announcement via Weibo (Chinese)

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