New team MangoBay forms in EU

A mix of regional veterans and younger hopefuls joins forces to try and carve out a place in the European region this season.

The European Dota 2 scene has one more challenger in its ranks for the upcoming Pro Circuit season, as a new squad was announced yesterday. The team, known as MangoBay, brings together a mix of veteran players and more recent additions to the scene, in the hopes of fighting their way through the Open Qualifiers and earning a chance to take on some of the more established squads in the European hierarchy. Carry Filip “Fey” Musialski, Midlaner Ylli “garter” Ramadani, and Offlaner Pittner “bOne7”  Armand comprise the core of the roster, while Jan “qupe” Tinnemeier and Angel  “Flash” Niamtu will serve as the support duo for the team.

Garter and bOne7 are names that you’ve more than likely heard before as a Dota 2 fan, and Fey is something of an up and coming player in European with stints on teams like Alternate aTTaX and Elements Pro Gaming, but Qupe and Flash may be some lesser known players for the average fan. Aside from twitch streams and lower level tournaments and leagues, the duo has not received a particularly large amount of attention, but they have shown off an impressive level of skill that makes them solid fits for this MangoBay roster. The European region is in flux to a certain extent at the moment, and that might just play to MangoBay’s benefit this season. Teams like OG and Team Liquid appear to be staying consistent so far in terms of their roster, but many other squads in the region are going through significant changes, which means that there are fewer established powers in Europe to stand in MangoBay’s way. The team is sure to have more than its fair share of obstacles to reach that kind of position, but all any team really needs is a chance, and this MangoBay roster will likely be able to find that chance this season.

The roster of MangoBay:

Filip “Fey” Musialski (Carry)
Ylli “garter” Ramadani (Mid)
Pittner “bOne7”  Armand (Offlane)
Jan “qupe” Tinnemeier (Support)
Angel  “Flash” Niamtu (Support)
Nicholas “BlueOceanz” Theo (Manager)

Tweet from Fey announcing the lineup


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