WP Gaming enters South American region with new roster

A new organization has stepping into the region with an all-Brazilian squad of regional veterans.

With all of the roster moves and changes that we’ve seen within the South American region so far in this offeason shuffle, it appeared to be just a matter of time before some of the region’s banded together to bring new teams and new organization into the scene. One such organization has officially thrown itself into the regional mix, as WP Gaming has announced its lineup for the upcoming Pro Circuit season. The team’s roster will feature Gabriel “Rayuur” Pinheiro at the carry position, Pedro “Sooths” Luiz as the Midlaner, Danilo “Arms” Silva as Offlaner, and the duo of Kaue “Cys” Camuci and  Emilano “c4t” Ito holding down the support roles for the squad.

All 5 members of WP Gaming come to the team with professional experience under their belts within the South American region, and at a fairly high level as well. Both Rayuur and Arms spent time on the roster of paiN Gaming last season, though their time with the team was relatively short. Sooths joins the squad after having spent nearly all of the Pro Circuit season with STARS before making a 4th-5th place run in the TI8 South America Qualifier with Midas Club. Cys spent the majority of the previous season on the roster of  T Show before closing out the season with Team Taka, though he was unable to find much success with either squad. And finally, c4t brings his talents to WP Gaming having just finished a stint with SG e-sports as both a player and a coach for the organization. Together, the squad boasts quite a bit of experience within the South American region, and WP Gaming is hoping that the team’s regional experience will afford it opportunities to make appearances on the international level as well. South America was something of a top heavy region last season, and WP Gaming has to be hoping that its new roster has what it takes to get itself into that top level of teams within the region.

The roster of WP Gaming:

Gabriel “Rayuur” Pinheiro (Carry)
Pedro “Sooths” Luiz (Mid)
Danilo “Arms” Silva (Offlane)
Kaue “Cys” Camuci (Support)
Emilano “c4t” Ito (Support)

WP Gaming’s announcement of its roster via Facebook (Portuguese)


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