EHOME complete new roster with trio of roster additions

The legendary Chinese organization hopes for a return to prominence with a new lineup for the 2018-2019 season.

EHOME has joined its region rivals as the latest Chinese squad to announce changes to its roster this offseason, with just a few days remaining before the registration deadline for the Pro Circuit. The team had previously seen a number of its members leave the organization, though the fact that most of the players that it lost had been inactive left the squad with a minimal number of vacancies that it needed to fill. While the team only needed to add 1 new player to complete its roster, the organization felt that further change was needed for the new season. In addition to replacing the recently departed Hu “Guvara” Sen, the team also released Carry Chen “Cty” Tianyu and Midlaner Wang “old chicken” Zhiyong. In their place, the team has added former CDEC Gaming players Luo “Sea mew” Bin and Li “ASD” Zhiwen, as well as former Keen Gaming player Jiang “天命” a.k.a “Tiān mìng” An. In addition to these changes to its player roster, the organization has also announced that legendary captain and TI4 Champion Zhang “xiao8” Ning will maintain his role as coach for the upcoming season.

At first glance, this new EHOME roster might not blow anybody away, as the team doesn’t exactly have the same sort of star power as other squads in the Chinese region. However, it does have a fair bit of talent, and some experience under its belt both within China and on the international level as well. Sea mew and ASD’s careers are largely confined to their home region as members of CDEC Gaming, but the rest of the roster has seen significant action outside of China in recent years. Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida and Zhang “y`” Yiping are both former members of the Wings Gaming squad that claimed the Aegis of Champions at TI6, and 天命 was able to make a number of international appearances as well with Keen Gaming in the previous Pro Circuit season. The fact that this new roster will continue to have the influence and guidance of a player like xiao8 behind it cannot be forgotten either, and it is an advantage that EHOME will need to lean on heavily if it wants to compete in China this season. EHOME will certainly not be a heavy favorite in China this season, but don’t be surprised if the team manages to find itself in the mix in regional qualifiers with relative frequency this year.

The new roster of EHOME:

Luo “Sea mew” Bin (Carry)
Li “ASD” Zhiwen (Mid)
Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida (Offlane)
Jiang “天命” a.k.a “Tiān mìng” An (Support)
Zhang “y`” Yiping (Support)
Zhang “xiao8” Ning (Coach)
Zheng Galahad” Feixu (Manager)

EHOME’s announcement of its new roster via Twitter


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