Pro Circuit Qualifier Recap – DreamLeague Season 10 Minor North America Qualifier

The field of teams for DreamLeague Season 10 is complete as compLexity Gaming, ROOONS claim the 2 North American slots at the Minor

The North America Qualifier for the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor has been concluded, and at the end of the action we now know which squads will be making the trip to Stockholm to represent the region and fight for both the title of Minor Champion and the final spot at the Kuala Lumpur Major. 4 teams made up the field for this qualifier, with 3 of them being returning teams from the Major Qualifier, while the final team (ROONS) was a new squad that contained former members of 1 of the teams from the Major Qualifier (Black Sheep) alongside a duo of new roster additions. In the end, 2 teams punched their tickets to Stockholm and emerged victorious from this qualifier, with compLexity Gaming and ROOONS claiming those coveted spot at the Minor in October. Though only compLexity Gaming and ROOONS will be advancing to the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor, we should take a look at how each of the team’s in this qualifier performed, as these squads will more than likely form the crux of the tier 1 and tier 2 scenes within the North American region this season. As with the previous recap posts for The Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers, we will be dividing the participants up based upon their final standings in the qualifier.

Top 2 (Qualified for DreamLeague Season 10 Minor)

727px-Col_big_logo compLexity Gaming
4-1 (2-0 series record)

So it appears that some earlier information for compLexity Gaming regarding its lineup for this qualifier was incorrect, as it was Jio “Jeyo” Madayag that stood in for the squad instead of Clinton “Fear” Loomis. The alteration did little to slow the squad down though, as compLexity Gaming tore its way through this qualifier with back to back series victories. The team’s first series of the qualifier saw it completely out play ROOONS, out killing its opponent 48-26 and claiming a 2-0 victory in just over 52 minutes of total in-game time. The second series for compLexity Gaming proved to be a bit more contentious, as the squad traded blow out wins with TEAM TEAM across the first 2 matches of its series. However, Game 3 proved to be almost entirely in favor of compLexity Gaming, as the squad held the net worth lead for all but a handful of minutes as it closed out a 2-1 win over TEAM TEAM that secured it a place in Stockholm for the Minor. While the squad’s performance in the Major Qualifier leaned heavily upon its stand-in player, this time around the team was able to rely upon its regular roster members more consistently, particularly Limmp. The team’s Midlaner averaged 8 Kills and 10.2 Assists with just 1.8 Deaths per game, and ended 3 of the team’s 5 total matches without any Deaths at all. This was precisely the kind of performance that compLexity Gaming needed early in the season, and the squad now has the opportunity to earn itself valuable points on the Pro Circuit and potential establish itself as a leading team in the North American region.

No Team Logo ROOONS
4-3 (2-1 series record)

After Black Sheep had essentially bombed out of the Major Qualifier a little over a week ago, the majority of its lineup opted for a new look as the squad took on new players to form this ROOONS roster. The move appears to have paid of for the squad, as its new lineup performed well in its first Pro Circuit qualifier as a team. The team did not get off to the most auspicious start in this qualifier though, losing to compLexity Gaming 0-2 in a series that was over in just over 52 minutes of in-game time. From that point on though, the team was able to recover and display its strength at the expense of its regional rivals, starting with a 2-0 dismantling of Team Xolotl in the Lower Bracket. Midlaner Bryle led the way for ROOONS in this series, putting together a combined stat line of 18-7-22 across the 2 matches and putting ROOONS 1 series victory away from claiming a place in Stockholm. That final series against TEAM TEAM proved to be the toughest challenge yet for ROOONS, as the squad opened the series with an incredible comeback victory in Game 1 before being absolutely demolished in Game 2. WIth the series on the line, it appeared that ROOONS was in for a repeat of its Game 2 blowout loss, as Game 3 was decisively in TEAM TEAM’s control for the first 90 per cent of the match. However, ROOONS was able to pull off an unbelievable comeback for the second time in the series, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat to win the series 2-1 and claim a place at the Minor in dramatic fashion. Though the team did not quite look dominant in its qualifier run, in the end the squad was able to overcome its regional rivals and will look to replicate its qualifier success in its Pro Circuit debut in October.


4-4 (1-2 series record)

TEAM TEAM did not necessarily impress in its previous Pro Circuit qualifier run, but the availability of 2 Minor spots in this qualifier and a field of less than impressive squads from the North American region gave TEAM TEAM some hope that it could find success and punch its ticket to Stockholm. The team began its qualifier run with a dominant 2-0 victory over Team Xolotl in which the Carry/Mid duo of Costabile and Ryoya combined for a stat line of 39-20-51 across the series. Unfortunately for TEAM TEAM, its momentum ran dry after that series, as the team lost to both compLexity Gaming and ROOONs 1-2 to miss the mark for both of the North American slots at the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor. While the team’s failure to qualify for the Minor will certainly be a disappointing result for TEAM TEAM, its performance in this qualifier was at least somewhat more encouraging compared to its struggle in the previous Major Qualifier. TEAM TEAM may not begin the season as a heavy hitter within the North American region, but the potential is there for the squad to make a push up the regional hierarchy later in the season if it remains together moving forward.


Team Xolotl Team Xolotl
0-4 (0-2 series record)

Although the team managed to fight its way to a decent finish in the previous Pro Circuit qualifier, Team Xolotl came into this Minor Qualifier with relatively low expectations. Even so, the squad managed to put together a disappointing performance against its regional rivals, as Team Xolol failed to win a single match in this qualifier. The team was blown out in both matches of a 0-2 loss to TEAM TEAM in its initial series of the qualifier, and were simply run out of the server in its subsequent loss to ROOONS in the Lower Bracket in a series that lasted just 57 minutes of in-game time. There wasn’t a whole lot of positives to take away from this performance for Team Xolotl, and it is apparent that this squad is still going to need more time to improve and develop before it its ready to truly contend within the North American region this season.


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