Pro Circuit Qualifier Recap – DreamLeague Season 10 Minor South America Qualifier

Infamous set to begin its season with a return to the Pro Circuit stage as the squad beats Braxstone to claim the South American spot at the Minor

The South America Qualifier for the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor has been concluded, and at the end of the action we now know which squad will be making the trip to Stockholm to represent the region and fight for both the title of Minor Champion and the final spot at the Kuala Lumpur Major. 4 squads made up the field for this qualifier, with 3 of them being returning teams from the Major Qualifier while the last (Fanboys-) represented a new challenger in the region’s Pro Circuit qualifiers. In the end though, only 1 team could emerge victorious from this qualifier, with Infamous claiming that coveted spot at the Minor in October. Though only Infamous will be advancing to the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor, we should take a look at how each of the team’s in this qualifier performed, as these squads will more than likely form the crux of the tier 1 and tier 2 scenes within the South American region this season. As with the previous recap posts for The Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers, we will be dividing the participants up based upon their final standings in the qualifier.

1st (Qualified for DreamLeague Season 10 Minor)

6-2 (3-0 series record)

The new roster of Infamous got off to a somewhat rough start to its season with a 5th-6th place finish in the previous Major Qualifier. However, the performance of the squad’s Carry/Mid duo of Timado and Papita combined with the impressive play of its 2 less experienced players in Wisper and MoOz had confidence levels fairly high coming into this Minor Qualifier. The team certainly lived up to expectations in this qualifier, as the squad managed to win its first series against Thunder Predator thanks to some solid performances by its core trio, including a 22 Kill outing from Wisper on Clinkz in Game 1 (22-7-9). Wisper turned in another series of gems in the team’s subsequent series against Braxstone, as he averaged 14.67 Kills and 8.67 Assists with 5.33 Deaths per game across the 3 game series. Infamous ended up playing Braxstone again in the Grand Finals of the qualifier, but the results were largely the same as the team ran over its opponent for a decisive 2-0 victory that secured its place in Stockholm. This impressive showing was just the kind of performance that we had hoped to see from Infamous, and the squad now stands as a potential leader within the South American region alongside teams like paiN Gaming and paiN X as Infamous prepares for its Pro Circuit debut in October at the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor.


Braxstone Braxstone
5-5 (2-2 series record)

After playing 3 of its 6 series in the Major Qualifier against the same squad (WP Gaming), Braxstene entered this qualifier with relatively high expectations, but some lingering doubts as well about its ability to compete with its other regional rivals. The squad managed to put most of those doubts to rest with its performance in this Minor Qualifier though, as the squad appeared more than capable of contending with the other squads in the field. The team opened its qualifier run with a devastating 2-0 victory over Mad Kings, finishing the series in less than 49 minutes of total in-game time. The team’s momentum carried over into its next series as well, as Braxstone managed to win Game 1 against Infamous thanks to solid performances from Minoz and Leostyle (combined 18-4-19). Unfortunately for Braxstone, its momentum could not carry it through the rest of the series, as Infamous claimed Games 2 and 3 to turn the series around and hand Braxstone a 1-2 loss that sent it into the Lower Bracket. Once again, Minoz put together an impressive series for his team, averaging 11.33 Kills and 7. 67 Assists with just 4 Deaths per game in the series. That win earned Braxstone a rematch against Infamous in the Grand Finals, but the team simply couldn’t overcome that final obstacle as it lost 0-2 to finish 2nd overall in the qualifier. Though the team was unable to get past Infamous in 2 different series, this performance from Braxstone was certainly an encouraging one. The play of Carry/Mid duo Minoz and Leostyle was solid in this qualifier, and the team has to hope that the duo can continue to lead the squad to success in the South American region as the season goes on.


Thunder Predator Thunder Predator
4-4 (1-2 series record)

Following the team’s 3rd place finish in the Major Qualifier, Thunder Predator entered this Minor Qualifier looking like one of the favorites to claim the single South American spot in Stockholm at the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor. However, the squad’s performance in this second Pro Circuit qualifier ended up being significantly weaker than what we saw in the Major Qualifier, as Thunder Predator struggled against its regional rivals. An initial 1-2 loss to Infamous dropped the team into the Lower Bracket fairly early in the qualifier, though a fairly one sided 2-0 win over Mad Kings kept Thunder Predator from dropping out of the qualifier entirely. Despite claiming a win in the opening match of its subsequent series against Braxstone, Thunder Predator could not  maintain its momentum as it lost the next 2 matches in the series to fall 1-2 and finish 3rd overall in the qualifier. The goods news for Thunder Predator is that its core trio of Jeimari, Atun, and Sword were able to put together strong showings over the course of the qualifier. The only problem was that it appeared that the trio could never seem to have those strong outings at the same time, as the team’s consistency took a relatively big hit in this qualifier compared to what we saw in the previous Major Qualifier.


Mad Kings Mad Kings (formerly Fanboys-)
0-4 (0-2 series record)

The good news for the squad formerly known as Fanboys- is that it was signed by the Mad Kings organization during the course of the Minor Qualifier. The bad news for the team was pretty much everything else about the qualifier, as the team struggled so significantly against its regional rivals that it failed to win a single match. The squad was dismantled in its first series against Braxstone and was out killed by a score of 24-47 in a 0-2 loss that took just 49 minutes of in-game time. Its next series went only marginally better, as Mad Kings managed to last a bit longer in its matches but still fell decisively to Thunder Predator in rough 0-2 series loss that ended its run in the qualifier with a 4th place finish. There really wasn’t a whole lot to be encouraged by in the team’s performance, as Mad Kings simply did not look ready to compete in this qualifier. Hopefully, the squad can regroup and build itself back up with third party events and regional leagues, but for now Mad Kings is simply not a threat in the South American region as far as the Pro Circuit is concerned.


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