Pro Circuit Qualifier Recap – DreamLeague Season 10 Minor Southeast Asia Qualifier

Tigers are headed for Stockholm as the squad topples Team Admiral, locks up the sole Southeast Asian slot at the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor

The Southeast Asia Qualifier for the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor has been concluded, and at the end of the action we now know which squad will be making the trip to Stockholm to represent the region and fight for both the title of Minor Champion and the final spot at the Kuala Lumpur Major. 4 squads made up the field for this qualifier, with 3 of them being returning teams from the Major Qualifier while the last (BOOM ID) represented a new challenger in the region’s Pro Circuit qualifiers. In the end though, only 1 team could emerge victorious from this qualifier, with Tigers claiming that coveted spot at the Minor in October. Though only Tigers will be advancing to the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor, we should take a look at how each of the team’s in this qualifier performed, as these squads will more than likely form the crux of the tier 1 and tier 2 scenes within the Southeast Asian region this season. As with the previous recap posts for The Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers, we will be dividing the participants up based upon their final standings in the qualifier.

1st (Qualified for DreamLeague Season 10 Minor)

Tigers Tigers
6-3 (3-1 series record)

TIgers ended up disappointing and under performing in the previous Major Qualifier, but this time around the team was determined to get it self on the right track and show that it could contend with the leading teams in the Southeast Asian region. The squad began its qualifier run with a dominant performance against Lotac, taking a convincing 2-0 series win thanks to impressive showings from Ahjit (combined 21-5-26 in 2 matches). The team’s momentum suffered a bit of a hit in the next round though, as Tigers was thoroughly beaten by Team Admiral in a 0-2 loss in which Tigers totaled just 18 kills. Fortuantely for Tigers, the team was able to bounce back in the Losers’ Finals, taking down Lotac with a wire-to-wire win in Game 1 and an incredible comeback victory in Game 2 to claim a 2-0 win in the series. That win earned Tigers a rematch against Team Admiral in the Grand Finals, and this time Tigers was able to come out on top with a 2-1 victory. The team’s core trio took charge and led the way for the team in this final series, as AhJit, InYourdreaM, and Moonmeander averaged a combined 25.67 Kills and 41.67 Assists with 14 Deaths per game in the series. With this performance, the team’s play finally appeared to be on par with what we expected out of this high profile lineup, and Tigers is now well on its way to starting the season out as one of the leading squads in the Southeast Asian region.


Team Admiral Team Admiral
5-3 (2-1 series record)

Following an impressive 4th place finish in the Major Qualifier, Team Admiral was suddenly sitting in a position as a potential regional leader within Southeast Asia. The squad’s recently rebuilt roster had put on a good show in its previous qualifier run, but now the pressure was on to take the next step forward and establish itself as a legitimate contender with an appearance at the Minor. The squad looked the part of a contender in this qualifier, pushing past BOOM ID 2-1 in its opening series thanks in large part to strong performances from MightySavior (combined 39-16-32 in 3 games). The squad followed up that initial win with a 2-0 route of Tigers in which Team Admiral out killed its opponent 67-18 and held the net worth lead for all 59 minutes of the series. The team’s Grand Finals series ended up being a rematch against Tigers, and at first it appeared that the rematch would simply be a repeat, as Team Admiral dominated Game 1 behind another strong showing from MightySavior (14-2-21). However, Team Admiral’s momentum shattered in the matches that followed, and the team was simply out played by its opponent as it trailed in net worth throughout the entirety of Games 2 and 3 to lose the series 1-2 and miss out on its chance to attend the Minor. While Team Admiral will not be in attendance in Stockholm, its impressive play and 2nd place finish only seems to reaffirm what we saw in the prior Major Qualifier. Team Admiral appears to be a legitimate contender within the Southeast Asian region, at least at this early stage of the season. Should the team continue to play well in the third party events and leagues between now and the next round of Pro Circuit qualifiers, then the squad could be on pace to threaten even the strongest and most well established teams in the region.


Lotac Lotac
2-4 (1-2 series record)

For the second time in a row this season, Lotac has earned itself a 3rd place finish in a Pro Circuit qualifier, as the team locked down the position here in the Minor Qualifier. The only problem with that scenario is that both of those 3rd place finishes have left Lotac short of the mark to qualify for any events, and this time 3rd place is not nearly as impressive as it was in The Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers. Lotac came into this qualifier with a big opportunity to firmly establish itself as a potential leader in the Southeast Asian region, but it could not seem to take advantage of that opportunity. The team was blown out in its opening series against Tigers, suffering a 0-2 defeat in which it never held a net worth lead across either match. In the Lower Bracket, a 2-0 stomp over BOOM ID saw Lotac flip the script and play the role of the dominant squad itself as it out killed its opponent 73-32 thanks to impressive efforts from Raven (combined 27-2-18 in 2 matches). That win put the squad right back up against Tigers in the Losers’ Final, but the team found itself unable to secure any sort of revenge in that rematch. Lotac was blown out completely in Game 1 of the series, and squandered a 15k net worth lead in the late-game of Game 2 to suffer another 0-2 defeat at the hands of Tigers. The good news for Lotac is that its Carry/Mid duo of Raven and ChYuan have been putting together some strong showings so far this season. The downside to that is that they have not been able to do so at the same time with enough consistency for Lotac to win in the latter stages of these qualifier brackets. The talent and experience of this squad is apparent, but it just doesn’t seem to be able to get over that final hurdle to success just yet. We’ll have to see if the team manages to overcome that last obstacle as the Pro Circuit season progresses.


1-4 (0-2 series record)

BOOM ID put up an admirable fight in the Open Qualifiers to reach this Minor Qualifier, but once it got there that fight seemed to leave the squad in the face of some of the region’s top opposition. The team began its qualifier run with a strong showing in Game 1 of its series against Team Admiral, leading in terms of net worth for the entire match to claim its lone win of the qualifier. From that point on though, things went poorly for BOOM ID. Back to back blown leads in Games 2 and 3 squandered the team’s initial victory and led to a 1-2 series loss to Team Admiral that dropped it into the Lower Bracket to face Lotac. That second series proved to be disastrous for BOOM ID, as it was out killed by Lotac 32-73 in an 0-2 loss in which the squad was simply dominated in the mid and late-game stages. While the squad finished in last place in this Minor Qualifier, there were some bright spots to be found in BOOM ID’s performance. The Carry/Mid duo of Fbz and Dreamocel put together consistent and solid showings for the team throughout its 2 series, averaging a combined stat line of 18 Kills and 16.2 Assists with 9.2 Deaths per game. The bad news for BOOM ID is that it isn’t headed for Stockholm any time soon, but its performance in this qualifier at least gives it something to build on moving forward through the rest of the Pro Circuit season.



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