Jobeeezy out of Entity Gaming roster

The SEA squad has dropped its Captain and will look to go in a new direction after a rough start to its season

News has come out of the Southeast Asian region, as Entity Gaming has announced a change to its roster in the wake of a somewhat underwhelming start to its season. The team failed to advance out of the Open Qualifiers of The Kuala Lumpur Major and the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor, and most recently finished in the 5th-8th place position in the Southeast Asia Open Qualifier for ESL One Hamburg 2018 (non-Pro Circuit event). All of that paints a relatively bleak picture for Entity Gaming just 1 month into the new season, and the organization is looking to turn around its rough start with changes to its roster. Support player and Team Captain Job Real “Jobeeezy” Ramos will be leaving the organization, bringing an end to his time under the Entity Gaming banner after nearly 18 months with the team.

In the team’s statement regarding the departure of Jobeeezy, Entity Gaming did hint at a new opportunity at the Support and Captain position that it will apparently be revealing soon, which would imply that the squad already has a replacement in mind for its new formed roster vacancy. As of right now, there is little to suggest just who the team would be looking at to take Jobeeezy’s place, but if the organization’s announce is to be believed, we likely won’t be waiting long to hear of the newest addition to the Entity Gaming roster. Whomever the team’s new player is, they will inherit the captaincy of a squad looking to turn around what has been a forgettable start to its Pro Circuit season within the Southeast Asian region.

The roster of Entity Gaming following the departure of Jobeeezy:

Yang “Deth” Wu Heng (Carry)
Travis “Castaway” Waters (Mid)
Kim “Velo” Taesung (Offlane)
Danny “Noia” Junget (Support)
Anthony “scantzor” Hodgson (Coach)
Sid “Boogiesan” Joshi (Manager)

Entity Gaming’s announcement of Jobeeezy’s departure via Facebook


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