Matthew to leave Infamous

The organization announced that the Peruvian Support will be leaving the team for personal reasons.

Just 9 days away from its 2018-2019 debut on the Pro Circuit stage at the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor in Stockholm, South American squad Infamous finds itself making an unexpected change to its roster. Today, the organization announced that Support Farith “Matthew” Puente will be leaving the team for what appears to be an extended period of time. According to the team’s announcement, Matthew has opted to put his professional career on hold for a while to resolve personal issues, and the team has respected both his decision to leave the team and his wish for privacy regarding the reasons for his departure.

With Matthew out of the lineup, Infamous is now faced with a scenario where it will need to add a new player to its roster. While the team’s announcement did state that Matthew will not be playing with the team for some time, it is not entirely clear if he will be simply shifted into an inactive roster position or if he has officially been removed from the lineup. Either way, the team will be looking for a stand-in for its upcoming appearance at the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor, and potentially for some time after that event as well. The question of whether Matthew will be returning to Infamous in the future may end up having some impact on the team’s search for another player though. The South American region is not necessarily lacking for free agent talent, but attempting to draw a more established player away from another organization could become more difficult depending upon whether the position is one as a temporary stand-in or a more long-term member of the Infamous roster. Regardless of the specifics of the situation, we can expect the organization to announce its stand-in for Matthew in the coming days before Infamous makes the trip to Stockholm for the start of the Minor.

The roster of Infamous following Matthew’s departure/hiatus:

Enzo “Timado” Gianoli (Carry)
Mariano “Papita” Caneda (Mid, Captain)
Adrian“Wisper” Cespedes Dobles (Offlane)
Joel “MoOz” Mori Ozambela (Support)
Christian “Xtian” Roque (Manager)

Announcement from Infamous via Facebook (Spanish)

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