Royal Never Give Up add September, 343 dropped.

Just 1 day after its 3rd place finish at the Minor, the Chinese organization is making changes to its roster

Following the end of a significant tournament, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing teams make changes to their roster. Teams that struggled under the bright lights and the big stage often seek to remedy their issues as quickly as possible by bringing in new players, but that sentiment does not always apply solely to teams that under performed at these events. More and more often, we’ve begun seeing squads with successful runs making changes to their roster, hoping to build upon a strong performance and further improve their teams. Today, we are seeing a prime example of that kind of move, as Royal Never Give Up has announced a change to its roster just 1 day after the conclusion of the DreamLeague Season 10 Minor in which the Chinese squad finished 3rd overall. Support player Adam “343” Shah has left the team’s lineup, while Xue “September” Zhichuan has been called up from the organization’s youth training squad to take his place on the active roster.

In making this move, Royal Never Give Up is trading out experience for youth in a gambit that the organization likely hopes will add a new level of  talent to an already strong squad. September is not exactly new to the professional scene, having attended a number of prominent events in China and even a few international tournaments with LGD Gaming (now PSG.LGD) and CDEC Gaming. However, his 2 years at the professional level is still pales in comparison to 343’s veteran status. That being said, we’ve seen talent and enthusiasm make up for limited talent in the past, and with the rest of Royal Never Give Up’s lineup having proven their strength across the team’s appearances so far this season, there’s little reason to believe that September can’t help this squad improve moving forward.

The lineup of Royal Never Give Up following the replacement of 343 with September:

Du “Monet” Peng (Carry)
Gao “Setsu” Zhenxiong (Mid)
Sun “Srf” Runfa (Offlane)
Tue “ah fu” Soon Chuan (Support)
Xue “September” Zhichuan (Support)
Tang “xy” Weijie (Mid, Substitute)
Tong “Mikasa” Junjie (Coach)

Royal Never Give Up’s announcement of its roster change via Weibo (Chinese)


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