test 123 (formerly paiN X) disqualified from The Chongqing Major.

The team has been disqualified for a violation of Valve’s regional restrictions, will forfeit Major slot to Thunder Predator.

A massive development has come forward with regards to the upcoming Chongqing Major, as one of the squads that had previously qualified for the event has had its status rescinded by Valve. One of the winners of the South America Qualifier, test 123 (formerly paiN X), will not be representing the region on the Pro Circuit stage. Due to the team not living within the region in which it played the regional qualifiers, Valve has decided to disqualify the team and transfer its Major status to the 3rd place squad from the South America Qualifier, Thunder Predator.

With this news, it would appear that there are changes coming for test 123. With the team disqualified from the regional qualifiers and Major, it is left with 2 potential options. Either the team fully moves its roster to live within the South American region fully time, or it officially reclassifies as a North American team and competes in that region moving forward this season. Hopefully, the squad makes its decision soon, as the qualifiers for the Bucharest Minor are set to begin soon, and test 123 may be able to resolve its issues in time to participate in those qualifiers.

Announcement/clarification from Valve


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