Sooths leaves WP Gaming roster

The Brazilian squad will be looking for yet another new player as the latest departure hits the lineup.

WP Gaming has had a rather rough time of things so far this season, as the Brazilian organization has taken a back seat in the South American hierarchy due in large part to frequent changes to its roster. The squad lost 2 of its players at the end of October, before announcing an updated roster just over 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, that roster will need to be adjusted once again, as the organization has confirmed that Midlaner Pedro  “Sooths” Luiz has left the team. As of right now, WP Gaming has not announced any immediate replacement for Sooths, but it seems highly likely that the organization will continue to keep its search for a new player limited to the South American region. Prior to the departure of Sooths, WP Gaming had managed to reach the Round of 16 in both of The Chongqing Major South America Open Qualifiers, but this roster change could have an effect on the team’s decision to compete in the upcoming Bucharest Minor Open Qualifiers. Hopefully, the team is able to acquire a new member or at least secure a stand-in in time to compete with its regional rivals for a place in the Minor Qualifiers.

The roster of WP Gaming following the departure of Sooths:

Leonardo “Mandy” Viana (Carry)
Benjamín “Benjaz” Lanao Barrios (Offlane)
Kaue “Cys” Camuci (Support)
Emilano “c4t” Ito (Support, Captain)
Pedro “Unichello”Barichello (Manager)

WP Gaming’s announcement of its roster change via Twitter


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