Valve officially weighs in on the TNC/Kuku situation

Valve has now handed down its verdict and has officially banned Kuku from participating in the Major

The long and dramatic saga of Kuku’s potential ban from The Chongqing Major has appeared to finally reach its conclusion today, as Valve has released its long awaited statement regarding the situation. The company’s statement reiterated the points that had publicly been stated by the event organizer and by TNC Predator itself: that Kuku was not technically banned from the Major by the Chinese government and that there would potentially be complications arising from his attendance at the event. In order to bring the situation to a not-so-swift conclusion, Valve has officially instituted a ban on Kuku, barring him from competing at The Chongqing Major.

The reasoning from Valve is outlined in its statement, which can be found here and is something that I would rather not go into in this post. However, the ban for Kuku is not the only decision that Valve handed down today, as it also announced that TNC Predator itself would be docked 20% of its current Pro Circuit Point total, dropping the squad down from 900 points to 720. Valve also clarified that the ban on Kuku applies only to The Chongqing Major and no other events, and that TNC Predator will be able to use a stand-in for the Major without incurring the usual 40% penalty to its points earnings.

Valve’s official statement


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