Somnus丶M (a.k.a Maybe) announces hiatus from PSG.LGD

The Chinese squad will be without one of its star players as the Midlaner steps away from the Pro Dota 2 scene.

A bombshell has been dropped within the Chinese region, as some incredible news has been revealed by PSG.LGD today regarding one of its star players. Midlaner Lu “Somnus丶M” a.k.a “Maybe” Yao will be taking a break from professional Dota 2 in the wake of the team’s 4th place finish at The Chongqing Major. According to the team’s statement, Maybe cited personal and physical reasons as being the catalyst for his request, and the PSG.LGD organization has opted to allow the hiatus. In the meantime, the organization has announced that Guo “Xm” Hongcheng will be brought over on loan from CDEC Gaming to temporarily replace Maybe in the team’s lineup. This most recent iteration of the PSG.LGD roster will be in action fairly soon, as the squad is set to compete in the DreamLeague Season 11 Major China Qualifier beginning February 1.

The roster of PSG.LGD following Maybe’s announced hiatus:

Wang “Ame” Chunyu (Carry)
Guo “Xm” Hongcheng (Mid, Loan)
Yang “Chalice” Shenyi (Offlane)
Xu “fy” Linsen (Support, Captain)
Jian Wei “xNova” Yap (Support)
Yao “QQQ” Yi (Coach)
Pan “Fei” Fei (General Manager)

PSG.LGD’s announcement of the change via Twitter (English)

Announcement via Weibo (Chinese)

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