Pro Circuit Qualifier Recap – DreamLeague Season 11 Major South America Qualifier

Infamous secures its first Major appearance of season, joins Chaos Esports Club as South America’s representatives at the DreamLeague Season 11 Major

The first group of regional qualifiers for The DreamLeague Season 11 Major has now officially come to a close, and the field of teams that will be fighting for the title of Major Champion in Stockholm is beginning to take shape. South America became the final region in this initial group of 4 to close out its qualifier run, and we now know which 2 teams will be representing it at the DreamLeague Season 11 Major in March. The regional qualifier began with a field of 8 teams, each hoping for an opportunity to find success against their regional rivals and secure a place on the Pro Circuit stage. However, just 2 of those teams were able to make their way to the top in this regional qualifiers, as Chaos Esports Club earned its third straight Major appearance of the season while Infamous claimed its first. For those teams that didn’t make the cut this time around, a potential spot in the Minor qualifiers awaits, as the 6 unsuccessful squads from this event still have another shot at reaching the Pro Circuit stage. For now though, the time has come to take a look at how each of the squads performed in this qualifier, with the participants divided based upon their final positions in the event standings. 


Top 2 (Qualified for DreamLeague Season 11 Major)

chaos Chaos Esports Club
8-0 (4-0 Group Stage, 4-0 Playoffs)

Chaos Esports Club entered this regional qualifier as the clear leader within South America, and with one of its greatest rivals in test123 no longer in the region, there appeared to be little standing in the way of the team earning itself a third straight Major appearance. Things played out pretty much as it was expected to for the team, with Chaos Esports Club putting together an absolutely dominant performance against its regional rivals. The team did not lose a single game throughout the course of the qualifier, posting a perfect 8-0 record en route to 4 straight series sweeps and a spot in the field for the DreamLeague Season 11 Major. At this stage, it appears that Chaos Esports Club will continue to stand alone at the top of the regional hierarchy for the foreseeable future, with teams like Infamous, Thunder Predator, and Playmakers Esports still lacking the ability to consistently compete with it. The real challenge for this team though will be its play on the international level, as the squad will come into the DreamLeague Season 11 Major trying to turn around what has been something of a struggle on the Pro Circuit stage so far this season.

11-5 (5-2 Group Stage, 6-3 Playoffs)

While the experiment with EternaLEnVy and Sneyking in the team’s lineup did not last particularly long, Infamous still came into this regional qualifier with some solid expectations of success against its regional rivals. The newest addition of the team’s lineup once again featured some less experienced, “up and coming” talents, with the core duo of Timaod and Papita serving as the anchor for the squad’s roster. As it turns out, the combination of young talent with that more experienced core worked out tremendously well for Infamous, as the squad put together an impressive performance in this qualifier to earn the team’ts first Major appearance of the season. Led by some incredible performances from Timado, who averaged 10.44 kills and 9.38 assists with just 2.31 deaths per game, Infamous tore through its regional rivals with a 11-5 overall record that was capped off by a string of 5 straight victories in the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs to secure the team a place at the Major. With a place in Stockholm now locked down, the true test is on the horizon for this Infamous roster, as it will have its mettle tested against a field of the very best teams in the Dota 2 world on the Pro Circuit stage in March.


No Team Logo rei do picolé
6-8 (4-3 Group Stage, 2-5 Playoffs)

As a squad that was only recently formed within the South American region, rei do picolé came into this event with some somewhat modest expectations. Considering the level of skill and experience on its roster, there was hope that the team would be able to put together a strong showing against its regional rivals, and those hopes bore fruit with a solid run from the team in this Major qualifier. Unfortunately, that run did not include a place at the Major itself, as rei do picolé ended up falling just short of the mark to earn a spot in Stockholm after losing back to back series in the Winners’ and Losers’ Finals of the qualifier. Aside from those final 4 losses though, the team put together an impressive performance against its regional rivals, claiming series victories against Playmakers Esports, Jesus e Amigos, and Thunder Predator. Also helping to put the team’s overall performance in context is the fact that half of the team’s 8 total losses came against Chaos Esports Club, a team that made a perfect 8-0 run in this qualifier and stands as the clear leader within the South American region. Considering the fact that this team only recently came together for the open qualifiers, it is unclear whether rei do picolé will continue forward with this same roster. If it does remain together for the foreseeable future though, then it will almost certainly be receiving a direct invite to the upcoming qualifier for the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 6 Minor, where it will be able to take another shot at earning its debut on the Pro Circuit stage.


Thunder Predator Thunder Predator
7-6 (4-1 Group Stage, 3-5 Playoffs)

Thunder Predator came into this regional qualifier as a team with somewhat high expectations following its first ever appearance on the Pro Circuit stage. While the team ended up falling short of the mark to earn a place in the DreamLeague Season 11 Major, it did at least manage to put together a solid showing against its regional rivals with a 7-6 overall record and a 4th place finish. One of the bigger concerns with the squad’s performance though was the fact that so much of its success came at the expense of SG e-sports, a team that entered this qualifier with extremely limited experience. 4 of Thunder Predator’s 7 total wins came against the Brazilian squad, which itself won just a single match in this qualifier. Against everyone else in this qualifier, the team still put together a respectable 3-5 record, but there will still be some concerns moving forward with regards to the team’s ability to consistently defeat the best of its regional rivals. The good news for Thunder Predator is that it will likely have a second chance at showing its strength within its region soon. With its 4th place finish in this event, Thunder Predator will more than likely end up with a direct invite to the upcoming qualifier for the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational Season 6 Minor, where it will have another opportunity to earn a place on the Pro Circuit stage.


No Team Logo Jesus e Amigos
4-6 (1-4 Group Stage, 3-2 Playoffs)

Unfortunately, yet another Duster-led squad has fallen short of the mark to earn a place on the Pro Circuit stage, as the Brazilian Support’s third Major qualifier appearance ended with a 5th-6th place finish for Jesus e Amigos. The good news is that his team managed to put together a slightly stronger performance than its 2 predecessors, finishing in the 5th-6th place position overall. The bad news for Jesus e Amigos is that its 5th-6th place position came in spite of a relatively unimpressive performance from the squad.  The team struggled in the Group Stage of the event, putting together a combined 1-4 showing against Playmakers Esports and rei do picolé that saw it finish at the bottom of the group standings. It was only by taking advantage of another struggling squad in Gorillaz-Pride that Jesus e Amigos was able to salvage a solid showing in the Playoffs, going 3-2 to bring its overall record up to a somewhat more respectable 4-6 mark. To its credit, Jesus e Amigos was able to put up a solid fight across most of its matches, but those efforts appeared to consistently fall short of what the team needed to fins success against its regional rivals. If the team opts to remain together, then Jesus e Amigos could potentially be a threat in the upcoming Minor qualifiers, although it would likely need to fight its way through another round of open qualifiers first. Considering the fact that both of Duster’s previous squads disbanded soon after their qualifier runs though, we’ll have to hope that Jesus e Amigos can avoid a similar fate and continue to compete within the South American region moving forward.

SG e-sports new SG e-sports
1-6 (0-4 Group Stage, 1-2 Playoffs [Default Win vs. Playmakers Esports])

With a roster comprised of players with extremely limited experience at the professional level, the expectations for SG e-sports were fairly low heading into this Major qualifier. While the team ended up finishing a spot above where it had been originally projected with a 5th-6th place run in this event, the team’s play across the qualifier was not particularly impressive. In terms of the matches that the squad actually played, SG e-sports put together a rather underwhelming 1-6 record, with the squad advancing past the first round of the Playoffs due to Playmakers Esports receiving a default loss in the series. The fact of the matter was that SG e-sports looked very much like a young an inexperienced team, which shouldn’t be all that surprising considering that that is exactly what this SG e-sports squad is. Its first Pro Circuit qualifier performance was not all that notable or impressive, but it is an important first step in the development of the team and its lineup, and a learning experience that SG e-sports can hopefully build upon throughout the rest of the season. The team will have a near immediate opportunity to show off what it learned from this first Pro Circuit qualifier run, as the team will be looking to fight its way through the open qualifiers once again in order to earn a place in the South American qualifier for the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitation Season 6 Minor in the near future.


Playmakers Esports Playmakers Esports
3-5 (3-5 Group Stage, 0-0 Playoffs [Default Loss vs SG e-sports])

Though the squad had recently gone through some changes with regards to its roster, Playmakers Esports was still considered to be a team on the rise within the South American region after its appearance at The Bucharest Minor. Unfortunately though, the squad did not put together an encouraging performance in this regional qualifier, and the team even managed to find itself in the midst of controversy once again. The team’s play in the Group Stage was not particularity bad, though its 2-5 record in that section of the qualifier certainly left room for improvement. However, the stranger issue for Playmakers Esports was its Playoff run, or lack thereof. The squad received a default loss against SG e-sports in what was meant to be its first series of the Playoffs, with 1 of its players apparently unable to connect to the lobby. If that player had been able to show up for the match, then perhaps we are talking about Playmakers Esports as 1 of the 2 squads going to Stockholm for the South American region. As it stands though, the team exits the qualifier with a relatively unimpressive performance as it will have to look to the future for further opportunities to prove itself against its regional rivals. Said opportunities might be right around the corner for Playmakers Esports, as the Minor qualifiers are fast approaching. Given the team’s poor showing in this qualifier though, Playmakers Esports will need both a successful open qualifier run and a dramatic improvement in its level of play in order to have a real shot at making its return to the Pro Circuit stage.

Gorillaz-Pride Gorillaz-Pride
2-6 (2-4 Group Stage, 0-2 Playoffs)

Gorillaz-Pride entered this regional qualifier as a team with relatively low expectations considering its lack of significant success in previous qualifier runs. As it turns out, the low projections for this squad ended up being a prudent decision, as Gorillaz-Pride finished at the bottom of the event standings in the 7th-8th place position with a 2-6 overall record. The good news for the team is that it managed to claim 1 series victory across its qualifier run, though that win came against a SG e-sports roster that was perhaps the least experienced squad in the field for this event. Outside of that lone 2-0 win though, Gorillaz-Pride just couldn’t seem to generate much for itself in the way of momentum and confidence, as the squad went a combined 0-6 against Infamous and Jesus e Amigos. If there was a silver lining for Gorillaz-Pride in this qualifier, it was most likely the play of Berna. The Peruvian Carry led the team with an average KDA of 4.15 (6.62 kills/3.38 deaths/7.38 assists per game), which came in at more than a full point higher than any of his teammates. The next big event for Gorillaz-Pride would ostensibly be the upcoming Minor qualifiers, but the team has another concern that it needs to deal with even before any potential attempts to reach said qualifier. As of right now, the team has just 2 players officially registered to its roster, and it is currently unclear whether or not the squad that we just saw play in this qualifier will be continuing to play under the Gorillaz-Pride banner moving forward. Between that situation and the team’s underwhelming performance in this Major qualifier, the future is looking somewhat unclear for Gorillaz-Pride.



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