Pro Circuit Qualifier Recap – StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Southeast Asia Qualifier

Back to back: BOOM ID will once again represent Southeast Asia on the Pro Circuit stage, as the squad locks down the region’s sole spot at the Minor

The first group of regional qualifiers for the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor is starting to wind down, with the first teams claiming their places in the field for the event in Kiev. Southeast Asia is the first region in this initial group to conclude its qualifier run, and the region’s lone spot at the Minor has been awarded. 4 teams came into this Minor qualifier,  with 2 of them (BOOM ID and Tigers) looking to make returns to the Pro Circuit stage, while the other 2 (Lotac and DeToNator) where hoping to earn their first appearance at a Pro Circuit event. At the end of the day only 1 of those squads ended up claiming a place on the Pro Circuit stage though, as BOOM ID is set to be the Southeast Asian representative in Kiev after taking down Lotac 2-0  in the Grand Finals of the qualifier. Though BOOM ID will be the only squad in this field moving on to the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor, we will take a look at how each of the teams fared in this qualifier and where they may fall in the overall regional hierarchy. As with the previous recap posts for the last Pro Circuit qualifiers, we will be dividing the participants up based upon their final standings in this event.


1st (Qualified for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor)


When BOOM ID manged to qualify for The Bucahrest Minor back in December, it was the first significant sign that this team was ready to move itself into a stronger position within the Southeast Asian region. While the team ended up falling just short of the mark to reach its first Major, its 3rd place finish in the DreamLeague Season 11 Major Southeast Asia Qualifier had it entering this Minor qualifier with some hefty expectations. Thankfully, the Indonesian squad ended up fulfilling those expectations with relatively little difficulty, as the team absolutely dominated its regional rivals with a perfect 6-0 record en route to earning the lone Southeast Asian spot in Kiev and the team’s second Minor appearance of the season. Once again, the team’s Carry/Mid duo of Dreamocel and Mikoto lead the way for BOOM ID, with the pair combining to average an insane 20.17 kills and 24.17 assists with just 2.83 deaths per match. With the team’s other 3 players combining to average over 50 assists per game, BOOM ID put on an absolute clinic against its regional rivals that should have the squad going into the Minor with a fair bit of confidence and momentum on its side. Of course, the team’s last appearance on the Pro Circuit stage did not go quite as well as it had been hoping, but if the team can replicate its recent regional success on the international level, then this second Minor appearance will likely result in a much more impressive performance for the Indonesian squad.


Lotac Lotac

Lotac came into this Minor qualifier looking to finally bring to an end a pattern of close, but ultimately unsuccessful performances in Pro Circuit qualifiers. Unfortunately, things didn’t play out that way for the squad, as Lotac once again found itself falling just short of the mark to finally earn its debut on the Pro Circuit stage with a 2nd place finish and a 4-5 overall record. The team was able to hold its own against 2 of the other 3 squads in the field, with a combined 4-1 record against the duo fo Tigers and DeToNator. However, the eventually qualifier winner BOOM ID proved to be too much for Lotac to handle, as the squad suffered 4 of its 5 total losses at the hands of the Indonesian squad. While the team has once again failed to make its way to the Pro Circuit stage, the squad at least managed to get a solid pair of performances from the Carry/Mid duo of Skemberlu and ChYuan, as the 2 players combined to average 13.23 kills and 18.22 assists on 7.77 deaths per game across the team’s qualifier run. However, with Skemberlu technically having been a stand-in for Lotac in its recent Pro Circuit qualifier runs, it is unclear exactly what the team’s lineup is going to look like moving forward. Regardless of whether any roster changes actually occur, Lotac will continue looking for its breakout moment within the Southeast Asian region, as the squad is still searching for its first appearance on the Pro Circuit stage this season.


DeToNator DeToNator

While DeToNator was not particularly impressive in the recent Major qualifier, there was hope coming into this event that the squad would be able to bounce back and put together a stronger showing against its regional rivals. The team wasn’t able to reach the Grand Finals of this Minor qualifier, but it was at least able to put forth an admirable effort with a 3-5 record and a 3rd place finish. The squad managed to take down Tigers 2-1 in its lone series victory, but fell to BOOM ID and Lotac with a combined 1-4 record against the duo. Leading the way for the squad was Raging Potato, other wise known as Bimbo, with the team’s Carry averaging 7.75 kills and 7.13 assists with just 3.5 deaths per game across DeToNator’s qualifier run. That performance alone was not enough to propel the squad to the Pro Circuit stage, but getting such a strong showing from one of its veteran players is certainly something that DeToNator can build upon moving forward as it heads into the second half of the 2018-2019 Pro Circuit season.


Tigers Tigers

Tigers came into this Minor qualifier with an updated lineup and hopes of sparking a resurgence within the Southeast Asian region. Unfortunately, it would appear that the team’s woes are not over just yet, as the squad put together a wholly unimpressive 1-4 showing against its regional rivals to finish at the bottom of the event standings in 4th place. The fact that the team participated in this qualifier without Mushi may have played a small role in its somewhat disappointing performance, as the team ended up temporarily moving Moonmeander to the Carry role while having Velo stand-in at the Offlane position. The silver lining for Tigers in this qualifier is that it at was at least able to put up a decent fight across its matches, with an average game time of just under 40 minutes. Another positive for Tigers in its qualifier run was the play of Dendi, as the team’s new Midlaner averaged 9 kills and 9.4 assists on 4.6 deaths per game across the team’s 5 total matches. The fact that the team finished at the bottom of the standings at this event is certainly disheartening for Tigers, but at this stage the team at least appears to have some sort of foundation that it can attempt to build upon moving forward as it attempts to reclaim its position as a leading team in the Southeast Asian region.

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