Maybe Next Time leaves Vega Squadron

The Greek Support will be taking his talents to the free agent market in Europe after parting ways with the organization.

After a 4 month stint with the organization, Support player Verros “Maybe Next Time” Apostolos has announced that he will no longer be a member of the Vega Squadron roster. The Greek player had been a part of the original Team Lithium lineup that Vega Squadron signed back in October of 2018, but will now be looking for a new opportunity and a new team for the second half of the Pro Circuit season. In his tweet confirming his departure from Vega Squadron, Maybe Next Time expressed a desire to remain in the European region, but will also potentially be open to moving depending on his prospects as a free agent.

For Vega Squadron, this move represents the second player to leave its roster since the start of 2019. In January, the organization parted ways with Anas “MagE-“ Hirzallah, bringing in current member Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin to replace him as the team’s Midlaner. With Maybe Next Time now set to leave the team as well, Vega Squadron will almost certainly be on the lookout for new talent to shore up their roster before the next round of Pro Circuit qualifiers at the end of March.

The roster of Vega Squadron following the departure of Maybe Next TIme:

Omar “Madara” Dabachach (Carry)
Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin (Mid)
Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann (Offlane)
Petu “Peksu” Vaatainen (Support)
Niklas “okcya” Koskinen (Coach)
Allen “Bonkers” Cook (Manager)

Maybe Next Time’s confirmation of his departure via Twitter

Vega Squadron’s announcement of Maybe Next Time’s departure (Russian)


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