Sneyking leaves Flying Penguins

The North American squad will be losing its second member as the North American veteran is set to move on

While the action in Stockholm continues to rage on, teams around the Dota 2 world are making changes in preparation for the upcoming fourth round of Pro Circuit qualifiers. Flying Penguins is a squad that has already added its name to the list of teams making roster moves, but the North American squad apparently isn’t done making changes just yet. Just days after announcing the departure of Support player Rodrigo Lelis “Liposa”  Santos, Flying Penguins is set to lose another member of its roster, as Offlaner Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu has stated that he is not longer a part of the team. The now former member of Flying Penguins has expressed a desire to retain his Offlane role with a new team, but appears open to a positional change, and is also willing to relocate out of the North American region if need be.

The willingness to potentially change role and region should open up some opportunities for Sneyking, and his extensive experience will make him a valuable option in the free agent market. A professional player since 2012, Sneyking is a veteran of the North American region and has accrued an impressive amount of experience playing on the international level as well. He has attended 3 TIs, 2 Majors, and 4 Minors in his professional career, and even earned a Minor Championship Title in the 2017-2018 Pro Circuit season at the GESC: Thailand Dota2 Minor with VGJ.Storm. Add on to that resume a slew of international LAN appearances in the years before the implementation of the Pro Circuit system, and Sneyking has an impressive track record of experience and success on the international level.

As for the team that Sneyking now leaves behind, the future is not so clear. When Flying Penguins announced that Liposa was leaving the roster, it was stated that the squad would be looking for new players to fill his now vacant role. With 2 players now gone from the roster, the team’s recruiting efforts will likely have to expand if the team wants to avoid disbanding in the near future. Replacing a single member of a roster in a short time period is unfortunate, but is often not overly difficult. However, adding a duo of players before the start of the next Pro Circuit Qualifier on March 28 may prove to be a significantly more challenging prospect for the team.

The roster of Flying Penguins following the departure of Sneyking:

Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao (Carry, Captain)
Francis “FrancisLee” Lee (Support)

Sneyking’s announcement of his departure from Flying Penguins via Twitter



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