Pavaga Gaming disbands

The organization is parting ways with its main roster. Pavaga Junior to remain under organization

The most recent round of the Pro Circuit roster shuffle has taken another victim, as CIS squad Pavaga Gaming has officially disbanded. Formed back in November from a mix of Ukrainian and Belarusian players, the squad had made 9 appearances within its home region and Europe (not including open qualifiers). Across those 9 appearances, the team had earned 3 Top 4 finishes, although 2 of those Top 4 finishes were 1st place performances in the MegaFon Champions League Season 1 and the LOOT.BET Winter Masters. Despite those successful performances, the roster of Pavaga Gaming has been disbanded, with its now former players being released to free agency to seek new opportunities within the CIS and potential the European region. While the main Pavaga Gaming squad has now officially disbanded, the team confirmed in its announcement that the roster of Pavaga Junior is still signed with the organization.

The former roster of Pavaga Gaming:

NikitaPalantimos Grinkevich (Carry)
Yaroslav“Pikachu” Vasilenko (Mid)
Yevgenychshrct Kostroma (Offlane)
Danil“Bignum” Shehovtsov (Support)
Alexeij4 Lipai (Support)

Pavaga Gaming’s announcement of its disband via VK (Russian)


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