Room310 disbands, majority of roster to form new squad

4 of the former Room310 members will carry on as newly formed squad TSG-JZONE

The latest round of the Pro Circuit roster shuffle rolls on, as yet another team is making changes in the Dota 2 world. This time around, the squad in question if from the Chinese region, as Room310 has officially disbanded after a period of around 4 months. While the team itself will no longer exist moving forward, its players are set to continue playing together, as 4 of the team’s former members have banded together to form a new squad. The newly formed TSG-JZONE features Cao “ChaoYue” An, Deng “Dstones” Lei, Zheng “ghost” Jie, and Wang “闷油瓶”‘ Liang, with former Royal Never Give Up substitute Cheng “Mad” Han set to join as the team’s fifth member. The team and its new roster have already registered under its new name on the Pro Circuit registration page.

Room310 never quite got to the point of being a significant contender within the Chinese region, but that didn’t mean that the squad wasn’t able to make some sort of impact against its regional rivals. The squad earned 6 Top 4 finishes in regional tournaments and qualifiers (not counting open qualifiers), and even managed to claim a pair of 1st place finish in Seasons 1 and 2 of The Challenge Cup. With the majority of that team’s roster making up the backbone of this new TSG-JZONE squad, the potential is there for this squad to continue working its way up the regional hierarchy in the coming days. While the MDL Disneyland Paris Major China Qualifier coming up at the end of March will likely be the team’s highest profile appearance in the near future, it is not the only event that this squad is involved in. The team (still under the name Room310) is currently active with its new roster in the mixed China and Southeast Asian Dota2 Rainbow Cup.

The roster of TSG-JZONE:

Cao “ChaoYue” An (Carry)
Deng  “Dstones” Le (Mid)
Zheng “ghost” Jie (Offlane)
Cheng “Mad” Han (Support)
Wang “闷油瓶”‘ Liang (Support)

TSG-JZONE’s roster on the Pro Circuit registration page (TSG-JZONE team id – 6926658)


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